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Dopamine dressing is going nowhere this season, in fact, the colour chat is being ramped up with the head-to-toe colour trend. Whether you opt for this season’s bright green or the perennial favourite pretty pastel pink, scroll to shop our guide on how to bring some popping shade to drab January days.

Choose colourful clothes you feel comfortable in

Thanks to Valentino’s ‘Barbiecore’ microtrend that’s been making waves on Instagram and head-to-toe bright green looks that were seen on the runways of Balenciaga and Jacquamus, bold dopamine-inducing colour palettes are reigning supreme with this trend. But this look is definitely statement-making so it’s important to choose a shade that works for you, that you feel confident in and one that’s going to get you the most cost-per-wear points when the pieces are mixed in with the rest of your wardrobe. 

Mustard yellows offer a more ‘70s-inspired take on the trend, whilst zesty fruit shades feel far more Y2K, and pretty pastel pinks will have longevity. 

Toned-down colours can work just as well

If you’re a staunch subscriber to muted tones of black, navy, beige or grey, dressing head-to-toe in one of those can have just as much payoff. The look certainly isn’t as attention-grabbing but a full look of navy or cream layers can look utterly chic. 

Mix textures and add layers

Speaking of, add interest and shape to the look with layering and a mix of fabrics. A silk shirt tucked into high-waisted corduroy can look really chic, or a masculine blazer over a slinky slip dress with knee-high boots always looks expensive and pulled together. 

Opt for different shades of the same colour

Unless you’re shopping from one collection it can be tricky to match an entire look to one select colour. Opt instead for different tones of the same colour – a mustard yellow paired with a silky citrine, a fresh grass green with lime or pretty blush pink against bold raspberry can add interest and not feel as committed to such an intense look. 

Choose your accessories wisely

There are loads of coloured accessories around at the moment, from Bottega’s cult woven bags in primary and secondary colours to the statement knee-high boot trend, but in reality we don’t all have an artillery of rainbow-hued accessories lurking in the wardrobe. Opt for a simple black barely-there sandal for evening or a white point-toe boot (great poking out of a colour-popping pair of wide-leg trousers) to add a more sobering finishing touch to the look. 

Have fun with it

As with most statement-making fashion trends, they are intended to be fun. Whether you go for out there highlighter lime or a rich grape purple, there’s no denying dopamine dressing makes you feel good.





Valentino’s Barbiecore pink and Jacquamus’ highlighter cream might not be for everyone, but the head-to-toe colour look can be just as effective in muted, more subtle tones. Case in point, Rosie HW’s sumptuous layers of creams offers undeniable elegance.




Whilst Valentine's Barbie pink has reigned supreme in the style set of Insta, we will forever love a pretty pastel pink look. Stylish Emili Sindlev adds a more masculine edge to the shade with this relaxed tailored two-piece.



From silky pyjama suits à la Rabea Schif to cosy knits and retro corduroy seen on Julie Sergent Ferreri, 2023’s colour palette is going green. Add in different tones for a easy-to-wear looks, from earthy olives to zesty limes and pair with more muted accessories – we love a classic pointed black mule – to make it more wearable.




Make red your signature shade this season by taking style inspo from the likes of Mona Mohammed Ali and Monikh Dale. We love Mona’s dedication to the cause featuring a full head-to-toe look – tights and shoes included – whilst Monikh approaches the trend with more caution in  TOTEME’s slinky printed two-piece.



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