13 Instagram Accounts To Follow If You’re A Film Geek

By Astrid Carter | 29th May 2024
Film Geek accounts

Instagram might be about filling those little squares with photos but delve a little deeper and there are a wealth of accounts that celebrate all things big screen. If you’re a self-confessed movie buff looking for some good movie trivia, feast your eyes on these Instagram accounts geeking out on everything from colour palettes to mise-en-scène, unknown Hollywood tales to work from the industry’s hottest movers and shakers…

Scroll on for the best Instagram accounts for movie trivia…


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A post shared by History of Cinema (@historyofcinema)

History of Cinema

Rediscover classic film scenes you’d forgotten all about and get a behind-the-scenes view of some of the most iconic film moments of all time.

A mix of videos, candid stills, funny memes and nerdy movie trivia, it’s a must for anyone who wants to delve a little deeper into the world of film.

Color Palette Cinema 

This hugely satisfying feed will add some serious taste to your daily scroll and may inspire a trip to Farrow & Ball, as it features iconic film stills broken down into their Pantone colour palette.

One for movie buffs and design geeks alike.


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A post shared by @accidentallywesanderson on

Accidentally Wes Anderson

One of the great cult cinema icons of our time, Wes Anderson has a whole page (and subsequent hashtag) dedicated to real-life scenes that look like they could be plucked from one of his films.

From a lonely puppet show in the middle of an empty beach to a satisfyingly symmetrical swimming pool and pastel-hued ornate buildings that nod to the Grand Budapest Hotel, this charming account is one to follow if you fancy yourself a secret Margo or Richie Tenenbaum.


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A post shared by StrangeHarbors (@strangeharbors) on

Strange Harbors

Online magazine dedicated to all things pop culture, Strange Harbors has a great Instagram account if you’re into your cinema. With stills from the new and indie to the cult and classic, it will expand your movie trivia knowledge tenfold.


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A post shared by StudioBinder (@studiobinder) on

Studio Binder

Studio Binder’s feed is a layman’s lesson in how to make a film, from what kind of shot has been used to colour palette breakdown and inspiring quotes from some of the world’s best movie makers.

One to scroll through if you see yourself as the next Spielberg.

Follow @studiobinder


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A post shared by @chivexp on


Master of the lens, Emmanuel Lubezki, might just be the best cinematographer in the world, with work including the likes of The Revenant, Birdman, Gravity and Children of Men.

His Instagram feed is a delight for anyone interested in film or anyone who simply likes to look at beautiful things. Don’t expect too much from his blockbuster hits but a selection of little squares taking a look at the natural world through his eyes.

Beautiful, provocative and utterly captivating.

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A post shared by Rodrigo Prieto (@rpstam) on

Rodrigo Prieto

Sure, it’s fun to follow A-listers from the movies but if you want a richer gaze into the world of film, you’ve got to follow those behind the lens. Director of photography, Rodrigo Prieto, has worked on the likes of Brokeback Mountain, The Wolf of Wall Street and, most recently, The Irishman.

Follow him for travel photography so stunning it could be plucked from one of his films and a wealth of where-to-go inspo, from Rajasthan to Williamsburg.

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A post shared by Composition Cam (@comp_cam) on

Comp Cam

OK, this is one to really geek out on… Comp Cam marks up the geometric magic behind the mise-en-scène of movie stills, from the lighting to the camerawork.

One that will remind you of the magic, skill and genius it takes to make a powerful film.

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Cinema Magic

Basically a love letter to film, this feed celebrates some of the best movies of all time, from the scenes that stole our hearts to quirky facts to impress with at your next dinner party.

Find out the hilarious story behind this iconic Usual Suspects scene and many more. It will keep you scrolling for hours.

Follow @cinema.magic


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A post shared by BFI (@britishfilminstitute) on


Support British film, old greats, provocative documentaries and indie hits with the British Film Institute’s feed.

Warning: it will leave you with a list of movies to watch longer than Gone with the Wind. 


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A post shared by Screenplayed (@screenplayed) on


Discover how actors, directors, and writers bring screenplays to life with this feed run by independent filmmakers, the Kinnane Brothers.

Essentially, it’s short videos of much-loved movies set against rolling titles of the script and it’s seriously addictive scrolling.

Follow @screenplayed


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A post shared by The Cinegogue (@thecinegogue) on

The Cinegogue

Come gather and praise at the feed of the Cinegogue. It’s basically just stills from films, be it in art-house or blockbuster, but it will certainly help if you’re after some inspiration for your next movie night.

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A post shared by Andrea David 🎬 (@filmtourismus) on

Film Tourism US

Travel to iconic film locations through your phone with the Film Tourism feed. Curator Andrea David takes printed stills from much-loved films to the exact location they were shot and snaps them for her account.

Fiercely dedicated to the cause, Andrea has shot everywhere from the rain scene of The Notebook to the cobbled mews of Love Actually, Katz’s Deli that features in that When Harry Met Sally scene and tonnes more that will have you wanting to book your next holiday asap.


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A post shared by Letterboxd (@letterboxd)


A true essential for cinephiles. Letterboxd is an online film community, database and social platform which allows users to log, list, rate and review every film they’ve seen (or maybe just the good ones).

With their new, not-to-be-missed insta series ‘four favourite film’ (where they get actors and filmmakers to, literally, list their four all time favourite) their instagram has become as essential as their website.


follow @letterboxd

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