New Movies 2023

A new year means resolutions, a chance to renew yourself and, best of all, a whole host of big new films to get excited for. Sure, there’ll be plenty to stream but there are a whole host of new, highly anticipated blockbuster films making their way to a cinema screen near you.

There’s Disney remakes, a new film from Christopher Nolan, action thrillers, and the return of a certain adventuring archaeologist. But the best film of the year might be the one based on a famous line of fashion dolls. Here are the biggest films that are coming out in 2023. Need a movie fix now? Click through for our Culture Section and recent cinema guide.


A film based on the iconic doll toys probably wouldn’t be what comes to mind when you think of “anticipated films”, but this doesn’t look to be a run-of-the-mill cash grab. For starters, Barbie is directed by acclaimed screenwriter and director Greta Gerwig, known for her films Lady Bird and Little Women, both of which scored Best Picture nominations at the Oscars. It’s also set to feature Margot Robbie as Barbie, with Ryan Gosling as Ken. As if that wasn’t enough, it’ll also star Will Ferrell, Simu Liu, America Ferrera, Emma Mackey, Ncuti Gatwa, Kate McKinnon, and Michael Cera, among others. You can expect it to be something of a satirical, self-aware comedy, and it’s written by Gerwig and husband Noah Baumbach.

Release date: 21.07.23

Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny

Harrison Ford returns once again next year as Indiana Jones, for one last instalment of the definitive adventure series. While this one won’t be directed by Steven Spielberg (instead by Logan and Ford V Ferrari’s James Mangold), you can expect the same whip-cracking fun of the previous four films, as Ford is joined by newcomer Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and John Rhys-Davies as Jones’ loyal friend Sallah. Set in 1969 against the backdrop of the space race, Indy will once again come up against the Nazis (as in Raiders and Last Crusade), led this time by Jurgen Voller (Mads Mikkelsen) and Klaber (Boyd Holbrook). Indy won’t be an old man the whole time though- Ford will be de-aged with CGI in the film’s opening scene to the point he was in the original era.

Release date: 30.06.23


The next film by Christopher Nolan, Oppenheimer is a biopic focused on American physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, as he helps the United States develop the first nuclear weapon in World War II. Based on the biography American Prometheus, it stars Cillian Murphy as the “father of the atomic bomb”, alongside Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr, Florence Pugh, and other big names like Kenneth Brannagh and Rami Malek. The film will follow Oppenheimer’s life, primarily his work on the Manhattan Project, and later regrets. Much like many other Nolan films, Oppenheimer is filmed in IMAX, with a trailer that’s exclusively aired at screenings of Avatar: The Way of Water. You can expect a more grandiose affair than the usual biopics, with plenty of spectacle.


Release date: 21.07.23

The Little Mermaid

Continuing Disney’s streak of remaking beloved animated films, this new live action/CGI version of The Little Mermaid adapts what would become the start of the Disney Renaissance in the 90s. This new version stars Halle Bailey as Ariel, the first black actress to play the part, as well as a cast that includes Jonah Hauer-King, Art Malik, Javier Bardem, Melissa McCarthy, Awkwafina and Jacob Tremblay in supporting roles. It’s directed by Rob Marshall (who directed the Oscar-winning film adaptation of Chicago, as well as Mary Poppins Returns), and will once again tell the story of mermaid Ariel falling in love with human Prince Eric, despite conflict with her father and sea witch Ursula. Hauer-King plays Prince Eric, Bardem plays Ariel’s father King Triton, and Melissa McCarthy portrays the villainous Ursula.

Release date: 26.05.23

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse

There have been endless superhero films in the last few years, but one that stood out as unique was 2018’s Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, an animated film that told the origins of Miles Morales, a teenager inspired to become the new Spiderman after the death of the previous. The multiverse concept of the first, which saw Miles meet several other Spider-Men, is expanded on in this sequel, which sees Miles (Shameik Moore) and Gwen Stacy (Haliee Steinfeld) travel across universes on a journey with a team of Spider-People known as “Spider-Force.” You can expect more of the amazing animation and music that made the first film such a big success, and fan favourite incarnations of the supehero, like the futuristic Spider-Man 2099, played by Oscar Isaac, and Spider-Woman, played by Issa Rae. Jake Johson returns as the disheveled Peter B Parker from the original film, and Daniel Kaluuya joins as British punk rock Spider-Man Spider-Punk.

Release date: 02.06.23

Dune: Part Two

Sci-fi epic Dune gets a sequel in 2023 (or rather, the second part), which adapts the second half of the original novel by Frank Herbert. It’ll feature Timothee Chalamet reprising his role as Paul Atredies, the main protagonist of the book and films, alongside Rebecca Ferguson, Josh Brolin, Stellan Skarsgard, Dave Bautista, Javier Bardem and Zendaya. It’ll also see the arrival of new cast members Austin Butler, Lea Seydoux, Christopher Walken and Florence Pugh. Part Two will continue the journey of Paul trying to get revenge on the people that destroyed his family, and is set to feature more of Zendaya’s character Chani than the first film did. Paul will be forced to make some supremely tough choices as the epic story reaches its climax. The film will be again directed by Denis Villeneuve, and scored by Hans Zimmer.

Release date: 03.11.23

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One

It wouldn’t be a list of “big films of the year” if you didn’t include a new Mission Impossible. The seventh instalment in the increasingly outrageous yet always fun action franchise is releasing in July, and will be the first of a two-part story. Tom Cruise’s spy Ethan Hunt will be embarking on yet another mission (should he choose to accept it), joined by Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames), Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) and Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Fergurson). It’s set to be darker and with even higher stakes than the previous films, but with no less audacious stunts. It’ll also star Hayley Atwell, Vanessa Kirby, Pom Klementieff and Rob Delaney, and the still mysterious plot will be continued (and concluded) in Part Two, which will release in 2024.

Release date: 14.07.23

Creed III

Sports drama Creed III is the third in the Creed trilogy, and ninth installment in the ongoing Rocky franchise. This new film both stars and is directed by Michael B Jordan (his first time in the director’s chair) and is set seven years after the events of Creed II. Boxer Adonis Creed (Jordan) has a successful career and a happy family, engaged to Bianca (Tessa Thompson). But an old childhood friend and fellow boxer, Dame Anderson (Johnathan Majors), suddenly reappears in his life having served a lengthy prison sentence, and is eager to prove himself against Donnie in the boxing ring. Donnie is forced to settle the score, facing an opponent that has nothing to lose and is driven to win. Unlike the previous Creed films and all the Rocky films, this film won’t feature Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa, but he is still attached as a producer.

Release date: 03.03.23


The film everyone’s going to be talking about, TÁR sees Cate Blanchett take on the pivotal role of fictional musician Lydia Tàr.

Directed by Todd Field (In The Bedroom, Little Children), the film follows Tàr’s journey as she’s set to conduct the biggest performance of her career. Though the film is fictional, it hopes to shed light on the pressures of the musical world, how they work and the troubles faced by women in the industry. Find out more here.

RELEASE DATE 13.01.2023

If you’re hyped for the biggest new films coming out in 2023, why not look back at the best of last year in case there are a few great movies you missed? Check out the best films of 2022.


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