Jodie Foster Stars In True Detective Season 4: Here’s All We Know So Far

By Rufus Punt | 25th September 2023
true detective season 4

It’s been a while since True Detective was on our screens. Since it last aired in 2019, we’ve learned that it’ll finally be returning for a fourth season and this time will star Jodie Foster in the main role.

True Detective Season 4, subtitled ‘Night Country’, was supposed to be released late in 2023, with the prestigious HBO network having already released heavy hitters like The Last of Us and Succession earlier in the year. However, with the Hollywood strikes ongoing, it’s been pushed back to January 2024, so here’s all we know about the upcoming episodes.

What is True Detective Season 4 about?

It’ll be a whole five years since Season 3 debuted by the time the new set of episodes comes around, so things should be feeling fresher this outing. The series is travelling north to the cold, often unforgiving environment of Alaska and the person to guide us through the freezing weather and dark nights is Detective Liz Danvers (Foster).

Her character has been largely kept under wraps, but from the official teaser trailer, it looks like she’ll be a bit more of a hardened enforcer than the iconic Clarice Starling who Foster played in Silence of the Lambs. She’s seen in the teaser being recorded in an interview, where she remarks that people come to Alaksa “Sometimes to escape… sometimes they come here looking for something… sometimes they find it.”

true detective season 4

What else do we know?

Operating in the town of Ennis, Alaska, Danvers and her detective partner Evangeline Navarro (boxer Kali Reis) are looking into the mysterious disappearance of eight different men in a research station located nearby. Only their shoes are left behind.

The town meanwhile is experiencing the annual occurrence of “the long night”, a weeks-long darkness where sunlight doesn’t appear for any of the 24 hours of a day. Undeterred by the endless darkness, Danvers and Navarro piece together an investigation into the eight men’s disappearance, suspecting that foul play is behind it. As the detectives uncover more and more secrets, this looks to be the most eerie series of True Detective yet.

Who else stars?

Aside from Foster and Reis, the cast is set to include John Hawkes (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) as Hank Prior, Doctor Who and The Leftovers star Christopher Eccleston as Ted Corsaro, Killing Eve’s Fiona Shaw as Rose Aguineau and Anna Lambe (The Grizzlies) as Kayla Malee.

When will it be released?

True Detective Season 4 will start at some point in January on HBO and will likely be available on Sky and NOW in the UK.

Watch the trailer

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