Kaitlyn Dever Stars In A Gripping New Sci-Fi Thriller, No One Will Save You

By Rufus Punt | 21st September 2023
No One Will Save You
Credit: 20th Century Studios

Disney+ has revealed the first look at the new sci-fi thriller film No One Will Save You, which is set to arrive on streaming this Friday and stars Kaitlyn Dever

The breakout star of high school comedy Booksmart and Romeo and Juliet spinoff Rosaline plays the lead role of a young woman, Brynn, who lives a solitary and quiet life away from the rest of her community. Her relative tranquillity is interrupted by odd noises and happenings one night, and she soon finds herself fighting for survival against a threat that seems to be out of this world. 

Intrigued? Here’s everything we know so far…

What’s No One Will Save You about?

After mostly comedic roles in films that also included the Julia Roberts rom-com Ticket to Paradise, No One Will Save You sees Dever in a decidedly different genre. 


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Directed by Brian Duffield (The Babysitter, Love and Monsters), the film begins with her character Brynn Adams in isolation, having become alienated by the rest of her community. We don’t know why she’s cut off and alone, only that she finds solace living in her family home. Since she’s been living away from others, Brynn has learned to rely on herself alone, adept at surviving in solitude- though she still suffers from anxiety. 

One night however, her peaceful existence is interrupted by strange, loud noises. Unnerved, she begins to investigate- and discovers creatures that appear to be extra-terrestrial. From then on, it’s a fight for survival as her previously comfortable home is invaded, but Brynn also finds herself having to confront her past.

What else do we know?

Intriguingly, No One Will Save You will feature very little dialogue and will mostly be told by the onscreen action of Brynn evading her intruders. It’s described as being about a smart and creative woman who finds it within herself to survive, despite, as the title suggests, no one being around to help her. 

Is there a release date?

Yes, we can finally see what happens to Brynn as the film lands on Disney+ this Friday 22nd September.

Watch the trailer

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