Ellie Bamber Stars As Kate Moss In All New Biopic, Moss & Freud

By Rufus Punt | 13th February 2023
kate moss biopic

We’ve had no shortage of great films based on famous faces of late, from Whitney Houston to Marilyn Monroe, and we’re set to see more stars receive the biopic treatment. Directed by James Lucas, the Kate Moss biopic Moss & Freud will star Ellie Bamber (The Serpent, Willow) as the supermodel herself, charting her relationship with Lucian Freud, who painted her in 2002.

The film focuses on the bond between Moss and Freud, the grandson of neurologist Sigmund Freud. Lucian Freud was noted for his figurative art and portraits, and when Kate Moss revealed she was a fan of his work and wished she could be painted by him, he got in touch with her and obliged her request- despite his disdain for painting celebrities, even declining to paint Princess Diana.

All we know about the upcoming Kate Moss biopic…

kate moss biopic

She sat over a nine-month period in 2002 to be painted, while pregnant and nude. The painting was later sold in an auction for just under £4 million. Moss and Freud formed a bond throughout the experience that led to them remaining friends for the rest of Freud’s life.

Moss and Freud director James Lucas won an Oscar for his short film The Phone Call, which started Sally Hawkins and Jim Broadbent, and also wrote the critically acclaimed feature film Whina. Kate Moss, an executive producer for the film, says, “Sitting for Lucian was an honour and incredible experience. After watching ‘The Phone Call’ I knew that James would convey the emotion in the storytelling in a fitting way, one this memoir deserves.”

kate moss biopic

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