With their cheery grins, happy demeanour and gorgeous children, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have held first prize as the UK’s favourite couple ever since William dropped the knee.

How do they still look so content in each other’s company? Why do they never argue in public? Do they ever fight over who last filled up the dishwasher? These are the pertinent questions on everyone’s lips. We’ve decided to dig a little deeper and uncover some helpful takeaways from this couple who seem to have it all.

1. Propose In A Safari Park

While the formal announcement of their engagement happened on the 16 November 2010, just over 10 years ago, they actually sat on their secret engagement for nearly a whole month. Rewind to 20 October 2010, and Will and Kate were on holiday in Kenya at Lewa Safari Camp within the Lewa Wildlife conservancy. The 65,000 acre private estate is home to the largest population of Grevy’s zebra and an estimated 10 percent of the world’s black rhinos – if that isn’t enough to send you giddy with romance, we don’t know what is.

It’s a bit too soon to start booking flights to Africa yet, so if you’re looking to create a similar moment yourself, may we suggest heading to the nearest UK safari park when they’re open. Longleat would be a wonderful backdrop. The late Marquess of Bath knew a thing or two about romance having had an array of what he dubbed “wifelets” during his 50-year marriage … more than 70 of them. He was so fond of them that he often gifted them a house on his estate and painted them a portrait to hang on his “wifelet” staircase.

This staircase doesn’t really scream “life-long devotion”, so it might be best to wheel your car round to the monkey sanctuary. Snuggle up to your fiancé-to-be as you watch monkeys dissect your car and add your expensive car parts to a growing pile of miscellaneous objects. Just make sure to keep the engagement ring firmly inside the vehicle.

Website: www.longleat.co.uk

2. Make Your Children Wear Everything From The Boden Catalogue

The three royal children are simply adorable what with their round cheeks, media-friendly waves, and royal attitude (such as when Prince George chose not to high-five the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and instead leave his hand hanging). However, their parents insist on dressing them up like lost Victorian ghosts.

Boden is largely to blame. We’d thought that the mail-order catalogue had died a death with the birth of the internet. There was a collective sigh of relief when we realised that our whole family didn’t have to wear matching Breton-striped jumpers and patterned leggings anymore. But the royals didn’t seem to get the memo.

In fact, it looks like Boden has made a bit of a come-back. Even little Archie, Prince Harry’s sprog (are we allowed to call him a prince? Or is he just a normal person now?) has got in on the action. A bobble hat and coat he was wearing in an Instagram post sold out within hours. Who’d have thought it? Next, we’ll all be wearing multicoloured United Colours of Benetton jeans again.

Website: www.boden.co.uk

3. Hang Out With Sir David Attenborough

This has to be one of the greatest lessons to be learnt from Will and Kate. Find the most famous, best loved national treasure and bring him into your home. He can not only tell you which are the most poisonous plants in your garden, but also how to save the planet.

What’s more, David will spend time with your kids teaching them valuable lessons like how to stop vulnerable species becoming extinct and give them a giant fossilised shark’s tooth. It’s so much better than Lego or the stale cheese crackers a distant relative might bring.

Watch David Attenborough’s A Life On Our Planet: www.netflix.com

4. Smile Like Your Life Depends On It


They’re always smiling. At every function, whether it’s a ball at the Whitehouse or a ribbon cutting in Dagenham’s town hall, those pearly whites make headlines. No wonder Kate and Will always look happy. We would be happy if our gnashers looked like sparkling diamonds.

Sadly, their dental secrets have not yet been revealed so we can only guess as to the techniques they are using. Perhaps there are piles of those charcoal strips in their bathroom, or maybe they’re of the old school and brush their teeth with baking soda. It has been rumoured that Prince William underwent a bit of cosmetic dental work after he was seen bashing into a friend while ripping up the dance floor at a wedding and chipping his tooth. We knew those front teeth were too good to be real. There’s still hope for us yet.

Try these charcoal strips: www.boots.com

5. Couples Who Sweat Together, Stay Together

Kate and Will seem to prioritise sporting events over most royal engagements. They’ve been sailing with Sir Ben Ainslie, attempted the Gaelic sport of hurling, taekwondo, boxing, cricket, tennis with Andy Murray, skiing, rowing, archery, basketball… there doesn’t seem to be a sport they haven’t done. And don’t get us started on hockey – Kate seems to take more short corners than the Olympic hockey team.

According to Psychology Today, scientific studies have shown that couples who workout together are more likely to have a good time together. It can make you happier in your relationship and deepen your emotional connection. While this way of thinking is pleasantly optimistic, we find it hard to believe that pouring with sweat, struggling to keep the same pace and perving on the gym instructor is conducive to a happy partnership. But if it works for the royals, maybe it’ll work for us.

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