25 of the Most Powerful Names in Social Media

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Taylor Little by | Posted on 4th July 2016
25 of the Most Powerful Names in Social Media

In a world where popularity is measured by views, likes, comments and shares, brands are now turning more and more to bloggers and YouTube stars, relying on their millions of followers as an instant outreach. This new generation of stars are relatable and positive role models with new social media talent agencies popping up to represent them. We have rounded up 12 of the most powerful vloggers, bloggers and instagrammers in fashion and beauty, lifestyle and food and fitness who have turned their passions and daily life into lucrative careers.


Zoe Sugg, 'Zoella'

Why: The unreal following Zoella has accumulated since beginning her YouTube channel in 2009 has landed her a bestselling book and partnerships including Barry M and Twofaced. 9 million subscribers on YouTube and 570 million views on her fashion and beauty videos make the 25 year old from Brighton the Queen Bee of social media celebrity.

Where: Website, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Website: www.zoella.co.uk

Tanya Burr

Why: Tanya started her YouTube channel for makeup tutorials in the style of popular celebs. Fast forward 6 years and she is now a celebrity in her own right with 3 million YouTube subscribers and power posse including Zoella and husband, Jim Chapman. From the front row of Burberry to The Global Goals ambassador, Tanya shows the versatility of her YouTube fame and now has her own range of cosmetics.

Where: Website, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Website: www.tanyaburr.co.uk

Aimee Song, 'Song of Style'

Why: American interior design and fashion blogger Aimee Song (‘Song of Style’) began the blog as an outlook for personal expression. 2.8 million instagram followers later and she’s obviously done something right. Regular posts in designer clothes in glamorous global locations make her a favourite for product endorsement, subtly linking items she wears to posts on the streets of New York.

Where: Website, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook

Website: www.songofstyle.com

Samantha and Nicola Chapman, 'Pixiwoo'

Why: Chapman sisters Sam and Nic are beauty vloggers Pixiwoo. Sister of Jim Chapman and therefore sisters-in-law of Tanya Burr they are part of the British power blogger club. Involvement in the Stand Up To Cancer campaign shows how they use their influence to positive effect and when they heard their favourite Chanel bronzer was to be discontinued, a successful plea to the brand meant they restocked it.

Where: Website, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Website: www.pixiwoo.com

Jim Chapman, 'JimsTweetings'

Why: Husband of fellow vlogger Tanya Burr, Jim basically films his life as he lives it. Although he says it didn’t start off particularly exciting, 2.4 million YouTube subscribers disagree. It is exactly this down-to-earth quality which fans find so endearing – and high end brands want in. Jim is regularly on the front row and mens fashion is a particular interest of his; as well as writing for them, GQ ranked him 15th on their Best Dressed List for 2015.

Where: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Website

Website: www.youtube.com

Joe Sugg, ‘ThatcherJoe’

Why: Younger brother of Zoella, flatmate of Caspar Lee and mates with Jim Chapman, according to his YouTube bio, Joe “likes to make a fool out of himself on camera for your entertainment”. Perhaps surprising that Joe is so popular he had to hire Emirates stadium for his book signing, in preparation for a proportion of his 5 million subscribers wanting to meet the real Joe.

Where: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Website: www.youtube.com

Dan Howell, 'Danisnotonfire'

Why: One half of the award-winning Radio 1 presenting duo ‘Dan and Phil’, 24 year old Dan Howell makes YouTube videos ‘about how awkward I am and people laugh at me’. This may be true for many of the most popular vloggers, who originally turned to YouTube because they weren’t conventionally ‘popular’. With best friend, Phil Lester, the pair have presented backstage coverage at the Brits, raised money for UNICEF and released a book.

Where: YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Website: www.youtube.com

Caspar Lee

Why: With housemate (and best mate) Joe Sugg, their joint 2016 Australian tour sold out in 20 minutes. Caspar has 5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel and nearly 400 million views but despite all this his bio reads ‘I have no idea how to describe my channel’. Casper has used his influence to raise hundreds of thousands for Stand Up To Cancer, Comic Relief and has appeared in The SpongeBob Movie.

Where: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Website: www.youtube.com

Ella Woodward, 'Deliciously Ella'

Why: The Queen of healthy food bloggers, Ella Woodward began her website to share her experiences of postural tachycardia syndrome disease, and the diet she has adapted to combat it. Luckily for her, smoothie bowls and green juices took off and she now receives 5 million hits a month to the website. Ella now has a bestselling recipe book, app, a contract with Waitrose and a Telegraph column. Awesome.

Where: Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Website: www.deliciouslyella.com

Izy Hossack, ‘Top with Cinnamon’

Why: She’s only 19 but Izy Hossack has 167k followers on instagram and brings rustic Scandi-style eating to us Brits. Quite refreshingly, she isn’t all cacao and almond butter – her baking recipes aren’t restricted by diet (but she does suggest gluten free alternatives). Izy develops her recipes herself and then beautifully styles and photographs them, making her the full package and why, so far, her clients include Vogue, Jamie Oliver, Cadburys and Sainsbury’s Magazine.

Where: Website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

Website: www.topwithcinnamon.com

Kayla Itsines

Why: Think bikini body and you think Kayla. The 24 year old Aussie personal trainer has built herself a global empire from selling her downloadable 12 week Bikini Body Workout Plan, posting amazing (and real) before and after photos of clients to her 3.8 million instagram followers. She has just completed a ‘world tour’, leading huge workout sessions to aspirational fitness fanatics. The London bootcamp sold out in just 39 minutes.

Where: Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Website: www.kaylaitsines.com

Joe Wicks, ‘The Body Coach’

Why: Perhaps the British male equivalent of Kayla, but not quite at that level yet, Joe is a likeable personal trainer posting quick nutritional meals to a 479k strong instagram audience. His ‘Lean in 15’ catchphrase screams fuss-free, appealing to both genders, and his humerous cooking videos (he calls broccoli ‘midget trees’) provide great viewing even if you’re not a ‘student’ or ‘graduate’ of his 90 day workout plan.

Where: Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Website: www.thebodycoach.co.uk

Marcus Butler

Why: YouTube sensation Marcus Butler got his start creating video mixes of his favourite sportspeople. Now, the 24 year old Englishman boasts a 4.5 million following on his channel ‘Marcus Butler,’ and almost 2 million on his second channel ‘More Marcus.’ He also authored a book in July of 2015 and released a line of hoodies and t shirts, featured on his online clothing store.

Where: Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Website, Instagram

Website: www.marcusbutler.co.uk

Alfie Deyes, 'PointlessBlog'

Why: Alfie Deyes may be dating superstar vlogger Zoella, but the 21 year old Youtube sensation acquired his impressive following of more than 5 million subscribers all on his own. In 2014, he released his debut book, The Pointless Book, and shut down Piccadilly Circus when nearly 8,000 fans showed up at the book launch party. He has since released The Pointless Book 2 along with #1 best-selling apps for each.

Where: Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Website, Instagram

Website: www.youtube.com

Louise Pentland, 'Sprinkle of Glitter'

Why: English beauty blogger, YouTuber, fashion designer and author has taken the world by storm with her unapologetically girly vlogs. Louise’s first best-selling book, Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter, touched on beauty, crafting, life and love. The Northampton native also teamed up with European clothing brand and retailer Simply Be to launch her own Sprinkle of Glitter clothing line.

Where: Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Website, Instagram

Website: www.sprinkleofglitter.blogspot.co.uk

Felix Kjellberg, 'PewDiePie'

Why: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, has come a long way from dropping out of the Chalmers University of Technology to pursue a career as an internet personality. The Swedish web-based comedian and video producer has procured over 45 million subscribers through his video game commentary and comedy. In 2014, he was voted Most Popular Gaming Web Star at the Teen Choice Awards and remains the most-watched person on YouTube.

Where: Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Website, Instagram

Website: www.pewdiepie.com

Michelle Phan

Why: Michelle Phan trail-blazed her way into the online beauty and fashion world by producing, directing and starring in her own how-to YouTube videos. Since 2007, she has released over 300 videos that boast more than 1 billion views. Recently, she was awarded the first-ever Streamy ICON award, as well as the 2015 People’s Voice Webby Award for best how-to and DIY channel.

Where: Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Website, Instagram

Website: www.michellephan.com

Kristina Bazan, 'Kayture'

Why: Since 2011, Kristina Bazan and her photographer boyfriend, James Chardon, have been single-handedly making Geneva, Switzerland the French-speaking fashion capital of the world due to their blog’s international reach. Just three years after ‘Kayture” made its online debut, Kristina Bazan became the first blogger to ever attend the Spirit Awards ceremony in Los Angeles for Piaget. Over the years, she has partnered with even more high end names such as Louis Vuitton, Dolce&Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior to Mango, Guess, Chopard, Cartier and Jimmy Choo.

Where: Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Website, Instagram

Website: www.kayture.com

Julia Engel, 'Gal Meets Glam'

Why: San Francisco-based Julia Engel first created her online blog back in 2011 as a creative outlet while she was still studying at university. Engel and her then-boyfriend (now hubby) would spend hours online, researching html code and watching Youtube videos on how to use cameras to capture the perfect images for her new beauty and lifestyle blog. Now, ‘Gal Meets Glam’ is read by hundreds of thousands of readers every month, who accompany Julia virtually on her discovery of daily inspirations.

Where: Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Website, Instagram, Pinterest

Website: www.galmeetsglam.com

Nash Grier

Why: Known for his comedic sketch videos on YouTube and Vine, American internet personality Nash Grier has gained a whopping 12 million Vine followers and more than 4.7 million YouTube subscribers since making his internet debut in 2013. When he first joined the YouTube world, he was earning almost 100,000 new followers per week, and in 2015, Time Magazine recognized him as one of the 30 most influential people on the internet.

Where: Vine, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Website, Instagram, Pinterest

Website: www.nashgrier.com

Huda Kattan, 'Huda Beauty'

Why: When Huda Kattan first founded her blog in 2010, she did so to teach women how to enhance and embrace their natural beauty. Huda Beauty has now become a beauty empire that includes an Instagram account boasting 14 million followers, a thriving blog and YouTube channel, and a product line called Huda Beauty, which has broken numerous records in Sephora Middle East. Who run the world? Girls.

Where: Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Website, Instagram, Pinterest

Website: www.hudabeauty.com

Lele Pons

Why: Vine video phenomenon Lele Pons has long held the title as the most viewed person on the social media app, so it makes perfect sense that she also doubles as the first person on Vine to achieve one billion loops. She started making her addictive 6-second videos after she got her first phone at 15, and now boasts a whopping 11 million followers and more than 8 billion loops. She’s also been named one of Time Magazine’s Most Influential People on the Internet and has a brand-new book, co-authored by #1 NY Times Bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz out on the market. What were you doing at 15 years old?

Where: Vine, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

Website: www.leleponsbook.com

Brandon Stanton, 'Humans of New York'

Why: Humans of New York started out as a humble street photography project but has grown into an internationally-renowned humanitarian catalogue that now has over twenty million followers on social media. Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind this remarkable portfolio, was once a city trader who gave it all up to take portraits of New Yorkers and tell their stories. Over the past five years, HONY has also expanded to feature stories from over twenty different countries and is featured in two bestselling books: Humans of New York and Humans of New York: Stories.

Where: Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Website, Instagram, Pinterest

Website: www.humansofnewyork.com

Lilly Singh, 'IISuperwomanII'

Why: Lilly Singh, or better known as YouTube persona, IISuperwomanII, got her start in the online world by making videos which focused on her Indian heritage and highlighted her ethnic background. Singh’s earliest video is called ‘How to Tie a Side Turla Bhangra Pagh (Turban).’ Since then, she has acquired over 9 million subscribers and has even made a film, A Trip To Unicorn Island, which follows her journey through planning and executing her tour from a behind-the-scenes perspective.

Where: Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Website, Instagram, Pinterest

Website: www.youtube.com

Jenna Marbles

Why: There probably isn’t a list out there of the most powerful names in social media without Jenna Marbles on it, and if there is, it’s definitely not a very accurate one. The American YouTube personality has raked in over 16 million subscribers, making her channel the seventh most subscribed to on YouTube and the top channel operated by a woman. Since she uploaded her first video six years ago, ‘How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking,’ she has practically created an online empire from her bedroom.

Where: Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Website, Instagram, Pinterest

Website: www.jennamarblesblog.com

This is by no means a definitive list, others include The Londoner, BryanboyChiara FerragniLisa Eldridge and Danielle Bernstein.

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