You may have noticed that the spring blossom in London is out in full force, decorating our streets with wow-worthy shades of pink, purple and white which, granted, may not be up there with Japan’s offering but it’s pretty all the same. Generally speaking, the spring blossom begins much later in the year, but given the relatively mild winter we experienced this year the flowers decided to make an early appearance. So, I thought why not take you through some of my favourite places to explore and photograph during London in bloom, to help you find that picture perfect spring moment.

Notting Hill

No one can dispute the beauty that is Notting Hill, both before and during the stunning spring blooms. The blossom trees in Notting Hill come in so many shades and types that it’s a real feast for the eyes. One of the first trees to bloom each year is located in front of a renowned purple house on Portobello Road. Though not the biggest of trees, its perfectly pink petals contrast wonderfully against the pastel houses behind it, attracting tourists and Instagrammers alike to stop in their tracks and take a snap.

Once this tree has had its time to shine, the moment comes for one of the most magnificent corners in Notting Hill to burst into bloom: Stanley Crescent. The light pink cherry blossom flowers fill the crescent’s entire pavement, which, on the backdrop of a stunning cream Notting Hill town house, looks like something out of a fairy tale! As we move later into the season, the wisteria comes out to play and there is no better street to spot it than Bedford Gardens. When those delicate lilac flowers decide to honour us with their presence it’s beyond spellbinding, but beware though, on a sunny day you won’t be the only one out there with your camera trying to capture them.

Kensington & Chelsea

There are many reasons to visit Kensington and Chelsea, for starters the sensational shopping, the cutest and most Instagrammable restaurants – I love the hidden gems on Pavilion road – and the colourful houses we’d all love to call home! If we are talking blossom, you can find all sorts of flowers in the borough from romantic roses to bright red Camellias. To start off with, simply take a stroll down the King’s Road making sure to get lost on the colourful streets of Godrey and Bywater.

Magnolia trees dot almost every street in the borough, in fact you can find them dotted all over the city! By simply strolling around on a quiet Sunday morning you can come across the most beautiful corners this time of year, such as the photograph below. This is one of the best spring photographs I’ve ever taken and was captured at the height of the wisteria last year. Does it get any picture perfect than that?!

St Paul's

St Paul’s Cathedral attracts people from all over the world, all year round, but I think there’s something particularly special about it during the spring. The way the light hits the building on a sunny morning or during the golden hour is truly magical. To add to this magic, could it get any more captivating than two spectacular blossom trees framing this famous cathedral?

I always make a trip down to this London monument, which is a favourite of mine, especially during spring. And if the outside isn’t beautiful enough, head into the cathedral and enjoy its incredible interiors. You can find information on tickets here. Finish off your visit to St Paul’s with a drink at Madison rooftop bar for the most sensational views of the city, particularly at sunset!

Greenwich Park & Battersea Park

There are so many beautiful parks that bloom gorgeously during spring, but the blossom you find in both Greenwich and Battersea Park really is something special. It will take you some time to hunt them down but when you begin to see crowds of people with their cameras at the ready covered in a sky of pink bloom, you’ll know you’ve hit the jackpot.

Greenwich Park’s blossom has always been one of my favourites, in fact I took my engagement photos there last year (top tip: get there early if you want photos without crowds)! If you’re lucky and the weather is on your side, pack a blanket, some wine and a picnic box to enjoy a lazy Sunday on a bed of London’s blossom petals.

Chelsea Flower Show

Lastly, for those of you who want to enjoy every last minute of this beautiful season don’t miss Sloane Square during Chelsea Flower Show. Regardless of whether you’re attending the flower show itself or not you must make a trip down to the borough to experience Chelsea in Bloom. Taking place at the end of May, all of Sloane Square and its surrounding streets pull out all the stops to turn the borough into a flower fantasy. Nearly every boutique in the area decorates their shop-front in beautifully blooms fit for the occasion, the next one more extravagant than the last.

It’s a feast for the eyes and the perfect opportunity for those Instagrammable shots we’re all dying to share. Speaking of extravagant shop fronts, many of you have probably seen how lucky we are in London to boast some of the prettiest shop facades around. My personal favourites are Saint Aymes, Neill Strain (Belgravia), Peggy Porschen and Les Senteurs.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my guide to spotting the blossoms in London! You can shop all of the photographs in this article on my print shop Keep up with more of my spring adventures on my Instagram @VictoriaMetaxas

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