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7 Of London’s Best Activity Cafés

In a city abrim with its creative quirks, captivating exhibitions and vibrant art scene, when it comes down to the crunch point it’s easy to forget where the heck to go for an afternoon of coffee, crafting and games. But, we’re here to help you pinpoint the best seven spots for those three things. From perfecting your pottery making skills, nailing your crochet, or even just beating your boyf at a game of Battleships, here 7 activity cafés to explore in London.

Sew It Over

If you’re a regular Handbooker you’ll know we’re all about the puns and Sew Over It is certainly up there with the big shots. Born out of a love of sewing and teaching combined, Sew Over It is the brainchild of Lisa Comfort and is Islington’s very own sewing cafe. Whether you’re a dab hand at sewing or not, Sew Over It is a quirky way to get creative with your gal pals over a cuppa and a cross stitch.

Where: 319 Essex Road, Islington, N1 2BD

London Craft Club

Channel your inner craftsman and delight in an afternoon of procraftinating. Puns aside, there’s no harm in allowing yourself an afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of everyday commands for a bit of ‘you’ time, and the London Craft Club is the perfect haven to do so. Whether you’re a dab hand at embroidery, or you’re looking to finesse your crochet skills, London Craft Club provides a scattering of different workshops with creativity at the forefront.

Where: 16 St Marks Studios, 14 Chillingworth Road, N7 8QJ


With a board games list longer than your average two hour Monopoly epic, Draughts has become a haven for game enthusiasts from across the city. With cafes in both Waterloo and Hackney, and a library of 1,000+ games at your fingertips, you can guarantee a wild day of thrashing your boyf at Battleships (although it might make or break the relationship if you don’t let him win every once in a while…) Grab your table some sharing nachos, crack open a Brewdog IPA and let the games commence.

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Where: Waterloo / Hackney

Image Credit: @katesnooks | @biscuiteersltd


Put your artistic skills through their paces as you learn the ins and outs at the School of Icing. From recreating your very own Paddington Bear to trying your hand at icing your best friend, Biscuiteers provides a whole lotta fun budding artists, or just fans of delightful biscuits. Side note, it’s become a bit of a hotspot among the influencer set too.

Where: Notting Hill / Battersea

Drinks, Shop & Do

It’s not a regular café, it’s a cool café.

Fancy your hand at a little craft session? Add in the winning combo of brunch or afternoon tea, and you can put our names down! Nuzzled in the beating heart of Kings Cross, you’ll find the wonderful pop-up shop Drinks, Shop & Do coining together the wildest of ideas. From clay moulding comedic legend Rebel Wilson out of clay to recreating your favourite Blair Waldorf’s headband, all that’s left to do is order in a round of brews and cake.

Where: 9 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, N1 9DX

Punk Me Up

If you fancy yourself the next Bernard Leach, Punk Me Up is the place that’ll let you discover your ceramic skills. Whether you’re up to the channel of making your own ceramic creation, or you just want to be let loose with the paint and create your own  ‘surrealist’ style bowl, this little pottery hide out lets you channel your inner Picasso in style. It’s also a great activity to keep the little’uns entertained!

Where: 34 East Dulwich Road, SE22 9AX

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium 

Granted, dining with a few furry feline friends racing around you isn’t everyones cup of tea, but if you do fancy having your new black skinny jeans covered in cat fur listen in. Established back in 2014, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is the UK’s longest running Cat Cafe, and is certainly a thing of its own. Wondering where the activity comes in? Stroking the cats all day long obviously! Watch the little kittens weave in and out of the trees, ramps and cause havoc trying to nab up your Alice in Wonderland inspired high-tea.

Where: 152-154 Bethnal Green Road, E2 6DG

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