You’ve probably ended up here after a curious Google of “date ideas in London” or “fabulous date ideas…!” You get the gist! Anyway, we’ve all been there, flicking through pages in frantic search of where to take your better half, and let’s face it, you’re running outta time if you’re looking for somewhere for V Day… Luckily enough for you however, we’re The Handbook, and subsequently have an abundance of London dating ideas at our fingertips. Whether it’s a jolly on a boat cruise, a nestle in a plush, red theatre or a stroll on the top of the O2, we have devised the ultimate guide of date ideas in London. Feast your eyes on this listicle of love shacks.

1. Escape Room Extravaganza

Is your date a bit of a Sherlock? Take their IQ for a test with an Escape Room experience in one of London’s top escape rooms. Find clues, crack codes, and make a bid for freedom together. Doesn’t get much more romantic. Here are some experiences that’ll boggle both of your brains.

2. Horseback Riding In Richmond

Take your beau for a romantic horseback ride in Richmond Park. Stag Lodge Stables offer riding sessions for everyone, whatever ability. Imagine, galloping alone, mane flowing, sparks flying (let’s just hope you don’t go flying with them).

3. Hotpod Yoga

Fancy getting hot and sweat together at Hotpod Yoga in Hackney? Booking a class together gives you the perfect opportunity to check out your date’s downward dogging and cobra teckers.

4. City Farms

Caution: heavy petting alert – head to one of London’s many city farms for an afternoon of rural bliss. Stroke the donkeys, feed the goats, watch the cows. This is true domestic bliss. See here for info on Hackney City Farm or click here for Kentish Town City Farm.

5. Life drawing class

Get any naked inhibitions out the way ASAP with an ice-breaking life drawing class. The Royal Drawing School in Shoreditch offer a host of different evening classes for you to dabble in on your date.

6. Brewery Tours

Let you inner hipster / craft ale enthusiast shine through and impress your date with a brewery tour around one of London’s many independent breweries. Brixton Brewery offers free tours and then a chance to taste the nectar in the Saturday Tap Room.

7. HiddenCity’s Treasure Hunts

Impress your date with an unforgettable adventure on one of HiddenCity’s acclaimed real-world games. Pit yourself against a criminal mastermind, hunt down the elusive Cheshire Cat, or outsmart an evil queen on one of four immersive experiencesthat take you on a journey through the city. Just take your date, your phone, your sense of adventure, and get clue-solving!

8. Gin Tasting

Everyone loves gin, so why not take your date to a gin tasting session. Sipsmith offer a range of tours and tasting opportunities at their distillery in Chiswick. Click here for more info

9. And Yet More Gin…

If distillery tours aren’t your thing, have a look at our guide to the best places for gin drinking in London

10. Foraging For Food 

Do you know your nettles from your nasturtiums? We’re surrounded by edible plants that grow in the wildest of places but we often don’t know how best to recognise them from the poisonous sort. The Indytute, London’s quirkiest gifting experience platform, has created a foraging and feast experience which show you how to do just so. Uncover the freshest pickings London has to offer here.

11. Climb The O2

For a heady experience together enjoy a twilight/ sunset/ celebration, why not climb up the O2 (literally!) – hoick that harness on and head on up. Click here for more info.

12. Spa day

Relaxing, restorative and indulgent, perfect for the dream date. Head to our guide on the best London spas here.

13. Treehouse Stay

If you’re looking for a night away, have you ever thought about staying in a treehouse? If you are new to overnight forest getaways, here is our guide on the cosiest treehouses out there.

14. Michelin Restaurants

It’s hard to go wrong with a top quality meal in a Michelin star restaurant. Here are the most affordable Michelin star restos. Perfect for any date!

15. Afternoon Tea

Tea, glorious tea. Is it worth waiting for? Of course, it blooming is! Treat your date to the quintessentially British classic, it’s an absolute delight! Check out our list to the best afternoon teas in London right now.

16. Farmers Markets

If your date is a fan of the local and the homegrown, you could check out one of London’s many delicious farmers markets here.

17. Pizza!

Pizza! A classic date night if ever there was one. Here’s a bucket list of perfect pizza places.

18. London’s Most Instagrammable Restaurants

London’s most instagrammable restaurants are not to miss – impress your date with a photogenic evening they won’t forget.

19. Private Members Clubs

If you want to flash your exclusive side, take them to one of the many London private members clubs – here’s our guide on the best of the best.

20. Country Hotels

If things are going really well on the date perhaps you might want to escape the smog for a country hotel close to London

21. Snuggly Pubs

Your idea of the perfect date is cosy-ing up in a snuggly pub with a large roast to share? Luckily we have the perfect guide for you right here.

22. Summer Terraces

Waltz into the summer with these date night restaurants with outdoor space. 

23. Outdoor Cinemas

Looking for something, quirky, cute, cosy, cool AND romantic to do with your numero uno? Look no further my friends. Here are our favourites to snuggle up and watch timeless classics.

24.  Brand New Restaurants

Want to show your beau that you are the gourmet guru, the cuisine connoisseur of London? Have a quick gander at this list of the new restaurants that have just opened in London and impress your best by being smack on trend.

25. Celebrity Owned Venues

Give your date a star studded experience and take them to a celebrity owned venue in the big smoke – here’s our guide to the celebrity venues that are worth it.

26. Igloos

What is cooler (haha) than taking your date to a bougie igloo? Nothing really. Get ready for your winter dates with our guide to London’s finest pop-up igloos. They’ll be back, just watch this space!

27. 24-Hour Venues

Dates don’t have to take place at responsible times (like the usual 7/8pm). Forget that late night booty call, instead meet for your date whenever you want at one of London’s 24 hour venues.

28. Pop-Up Events

They say spontaneity is sexy. So take your suitor to a pop up event this month in London – here’s a guide to the city’s freshest pop-ups.

29. Top Bars

The obvious place to get your chirpse on is in one of London’s top bars.

30. Bucketlist Restaurants

London – the city of delicious restaurants. But which restaurant? Click here to see our favourite restaurants the city has to offer.

31. Sugar Filled Fun

Is your sweetie a bit of a sweet tooth? Head to one of London’s many sweet spots for sugar filled fun.

32. Celeb Spotting

If your Mr/Mrs charming loves a good giggle at a celeb, here’s a few ideas of destinations where you can hang out with the stars of the city.

33. Curry Spots

Friday night, date night. Friday night, curry night. How to do both with style? Here is our list of Britain’s finest posh curry spots.

34. Rooftop Pools

Swimming? On a roof? With your date? What on earth could go wrong? Check out London’s best rooftop pools for an exciting date.

35. London Hotels

The date is going well, you’ve had a few drinks, dined at a top restaurant and now you need a lovely London hotel to stay in. Have a look at this to choose the best of the best.

36. Restaurant Spin-Offs

Everyone loves a good spin off restaurant – often a bit quirky, still stylish and maybe even a tad cheaper, here is a guide to our favourite London restaurant spin-offs.

37. Floating Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are up there with the five sexiest locations. What about floating though London in a hot tub? Phwoar. That IS hot. Have a look.

38. Country Elope

Here’s our guide to the best hotels within 2.5 hours of London, perfect for that quick country elope.

39. Cocktails

If you’re meeting your date for a drink, why not go all classy on them and head off to one of London’s best cocktails. Here’s a guide to the best summer cocktails out there.

40. Winter Terraces

There’s something quite romantic about sipping a drink whilst sitting out under the stars. Now with our guide to London’s best winter terraces, you can do just that.

41. Posh Chip Shops

A post-drinks chippy stop is almost always a must. Why not spoil your date to one of the many posh chip shops London has to offer.

42. Swimming Pools

Swimming is definitely a date activity. It’s about as close as you can come to getting naked in a date scenario. So here are London’s best pools for you to peruse, choose wisely…

43. Independent Cinemas

Cinemas are perfect spots for the dreamiest date. What’s better than watching a film, snuggled up on a bougie cinema sofa?

44. Secret Gigs

If your lover is a lover of music, why not take their passion to an intimate location and head to a Sofar Sounds show for a secret gig with their favourite artist?

45. Lidos

Explore the UK at its fullest with a trip to Britain’s best outdoor swimming pools. 

46. Greenwich Day Trip

A Day Trip To Greenwich. How romantic – a boat trip, a picnic, and a view from the observatory. Click here for more info.

47. Body Worlds

If you’re looking for a niche exhibition to take your prince/princess charming to, Body Worlds is the answer. An exhibition of real human bodies, intended to educate the public on healthy lifestyles and anatomical beauty. The London exhibition takes place in Piccadilly, book your tickets here.

48. Romantic Strolls

Why not head for a romantic stroll and take in some of the best views London has to offer? Click here for a list of the finest vistas.

49. National History Museum Activities

Is your date a dinosaur boff? Why not treat them to a slumber party in the natural history museum? That’s what we call a date with a prehistoric twist.

50. Jazz Bars

Get your smooth groove on together in one of London’s finest jazz bars.

51. Bob Bob Ricard

Waltz into Bob Bob Ricard and ring the bell for champagne.

52. Magic Cocktails

Concoct magic cocktails with your date, wielding your magic wands and using magical mixology to bring to life a drinkable potion. Click here for more info.

53. Ronnie Scott’s

Go for the real Jazz deal and hit up Ronnie Scott’s in Soho.

54. VIP Events

Show your date A Lister London by wowing them with a ritzy celebrity VIP event.

55. Circuses

Need a few tricks up your sleeve? If so, check out one of London’s many circuses, full of heart stopping acts.

56. Comedy Clubs

It is universally known that laughter always goes down well on a date. So, head to one of London’s comedy clubs and tickle your dates fancy.

57. Boat Tours

Woo your partner with a cruise up the River Thames, have a look at this for all the many boat tours on offer.

58. Booze Cruise

If your idea of a cruise is a booze cruise, then have a gander at our guide to London’s best boat bars – a top spot for a date.

59. Films

The good ole fashioned dinner and film (and awkward arm stretch… you know the one) never goes amiss for date night.

60. Brunches

London, better known as the city of British brunches. Click here to have a peep at the best brunches that the city has to offer, hopefully you’ll find the perfect one for your brunchtime date.

61. Romantic Runs

You’re an active type? Why not jog off on a romantic run together, we’ve compiled a very fit list of runs to enjoy in London – get going!

62. All Things Circular

Generic you might say, but still pretty bloomin’ amazing. Enjoy a trip in London’s giant ferris wheel, the London Eye. For real date goals, make sure you’ve chosen the champagne package.

63. Hampton Court Palace

Maybe your date is a bit of a history nerd? If so, take a royal jaunt to Hampton Court Palace, where there’s always a whole host of events happening.

64. London Zoo

Want to see cute fluffy penguins IRL rather than just on David Attenborough’s amazing documentaries? Well you can. Take your date to London zoo for some very serious animal appreciation.

65. Cirque de Soleil

Amaze yourselves with a Cirque de Soleil extravaganza show, it will 100% never fail to impress.

66. Lucky Voice

Show off your vocal skills at Lucky Voice Karaoke, and grab yourselves a champagne supernova sharer cocktail while you are there.

67. Shakespeare’s Globe

For the cultural date of a lifetime, treat your loved one to an English classic at Shakespeare’s Globe. Go in the evening as the stars come out for extra ambience.

68. French Films

Immerse yourself in romantic French films at the Institute Francais.

69. Ice Cream

Gobble ice cream sundaes together at Fortnum and Mason’s ice cream parlour.

70. Cookery Classes

Cook your way to your date’s heart. Book yourselves into a cookery class, and get all Naked Chef on each other (or don’t – cook however you want.)

71. Bowling

Bowl yourself silly at retro Queens Ice and Bowl – maybe even steal a pair of bowling shoes… Cheeky.

72. Secret Cinema

Delve with your date into the world of immersive experiences with Secret Cinema, check out their events.

73. The O2

Don’t forget, the O2 has a whole host of fantastic events to check out – here!

74. Ping Pong

Bounce bounce bounce. Test your date to a game o ping pong at one of London’s famous ping pong resto-bars. Click here for more info.

75. Cocktail Making Class

Head to a molecular cocktail making class together – as cool as it sounds!

76. Golf

Golf, not just dodgy jumpers and old men. Head to Puttshack for a traditional game of mini golf in a city-renowned, cutting-edge gaming phenomenon. Grab yourselves a meal while you are at it.

77. Trampoline Park

Spoil your date to a bit of bounce at Flip Out, London’s biggest trampoline park.

78. Kayaking

For a truly original date, go for a kayak together on the Thames. Click here for more info.

79. Ice Skating

Ice skating! Dream date material this one. Crash, slip and slide your way into a successful date at one of London’s best ice rinks.

80. Rooftop Bars

Drink yourselves silly together overlooking some of London’s most spectacular views. Click here for our guide to the best rooftop bars in the city.

81. Sausage Making Class

The Hampstead Butcher offers sausage making classes. Personally I find it hard to think of anything more kinky for a date.

82. Tea for two at Twinings

Book yourselves into their masterclass, on The Strand, and impress your date as you tell your Lapsang from your Darjeeling.

83. Taxidermy Workshops

Nothing gets people together quite like a taxidermy workshop. Treat your date to an afternoon of stuffing and fluffing, click here for more details.

84. Rock climbing

Climb a rock face in London with your beau. A truly bonding experience this one. Here’s a list of all London’s rock climbing spots.

85. Cheese Tours

The cheesy date of all = a cheese tasting tour of the City of London. Yum.

86. Chocolate Tasting

For those sweet toothed amongst us – book a Hotel Chocolat ‘bean to bar’ chocolate tasting and making adventure together.

87. Operas

For a dose of culture, and a truly sophisticated evening, book to see one of London’s best operas?

88. Ballet

Opera not your thing? Why not head to the ballet instead?

89. Science Restaurants

Does your date like science? Does your date like food? Then it’s an absolute must to check out our guide here, which tells you all about London’s science-inspired restaurants.

90. Pedalos

Pedalos in Hyde Park. The epitome of romance. How about a meal in the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen after?

91. Alfresco Dips

Outdoor swimming in London is all the rage. So keep yourselves on trend and head for an alfresco dip in one of these lovely lidos.

92. Dog Friendly Restaurants

Dog lovers? Take y our pooch for a pootle and then hit up one of London’s dog friendly restaurants. If you don’t have your own pooch you could always try out this app and borrow someone else’s, to ensure the ultimate ‘cute’ factor on your date.

93. Polo

Ever thought about a polo date? Nope? Well here’s all you need to know about what it might entail…

94. Beaches

Obviously London isn’t known for its coast. But here’s our guide to the best beaches that appear in the summer in London. Find yourself the perfect plage for a rendezvous.

95. Underground Venues

Take your lover to a funky underground venue in London – this will make you look very cool.

96. City Cycle

Cycle through the city with your beau – take yourselves off on a whizzing tour of the town. Have a look at easy cycle hire here.

97. London Bookshops

Meet your date for a literary smoosh in one of London’s best bookshops.

98. Harry Potter

Everyone loves Harry Potter. That’s a fact. Especially us Londoners who seem to have constructed Hazza P spots all across the city. Grab your broomstick and find them all here!

99. National Trust

You’ll be kept busy for days, if not weeks, on end with the National Trust as their catalogue boasts an eclectic range of places, from beaches and summer gardens to venues that have starred on the silver screen (one for the Game of Thrones fans!)

100. London’s Best Speakeasies

Okay, so there’s no ‘real’ speakeasies in London unless we’re all breaking the law in illegal establishments, but London is littered with a few hidden cocktails havens that’ll see you knocking back A-grade cocktails with your date.

101. Sexy Pink Places

Pink is having a moment, or perhaps a couple of moments, and as it’s the colour of lurve why not take your date for one seriously pink date. Here’s our favourite spots around the city. 

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