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Crack open a bottle of shampoo and celebrate: the 100ml limit on airport hand-baggage is set to be lifted! Undoubtedly the most frustrating moment on any overseas trip is the process of decanting all your liquids into little bottles like you’re some sort of Victorian apothecary, before completely ruining the feng shui of your carefully packed suitcase as you root around for your laptop. Well not any more.

Thanks to the introduction of new technology at London Heathrow, the necessity for the 100ml limit is expected to be rendered totally unnecessary (to be fair, a fact we’ve suspected for the last decade anyway), as the new scanning equipment will be capable of seeing through cases. This also means that your laptop can remain locked firmly inside your baggage.

The current rules date back to terror scares back in 2006 when flaws in the scanning technology almost led to successful attacks. However, thirteen years later the tech has caught up, at least with the threats of 2006, and we can all sigh in relief as it’ll make passing through airport security a lot faster.

Initially launched only at London Heathrow, the plan is to roll out the scanners across UK airports. But you might still be forced to pour your wine into 100ml bottles yet, the £50m upgrade isn’t expected to be rolled out across all four Heathrow terminals until 2022.

We can only hope that they now work on a solution that doesn’t leave us wandering round the terminals with our shoelaces undone and belts in hand after border security insist we remove them.