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The Handbook

Every country has a condiment they slather their food with. The Brits have ketchup, the French have their dijon, and Koreans have their kimchi. Over the last few months, we’ve seen an influx of this spicy fermented cabbage making its way onto menus, I mean, who doesn’t love an added fiery kick to spice up your standard sarnie? Plus it’s said to knock a few years off you and it’s certainly cheaper than botox, so we’re willing to give it a go!

We’ve coined together our favourite kimchi dishes from all over the city just for you, enjoy!


Foodie pioneer Dong Hyun Kim has been serving up top quality Korean food to Londoner’s since 2011, spicing up our palette with exciting flavours of Korean cuisine, all at an affordable price. Named after the spicy Korean accompaniment, Kimchee provides guests with authentic Korean dishes that pack in a punch. From the kimchee jean, a spicy pancake with kimchee and spring onion to the kimchee jjigae, served with a selection of beer or pork in a rich sauce packed in with spicy fried kimchee, mushrooms and tofu. Make sure you’ve got a bucket of water on hand because you’ll be burning up over this one…

Where: Pancras Square / Holborn


With celebrity chef, Judy Joo at the helm, it’s hardly surprising how Jinjuu has made its way onto the London Korean circuit. It’s become the go to destination for premier modern Korean food, for both traditional and contemporary street food. Whether you’re after some spicy Korean tacos topped with Asian slaw, apple, kimchi and sour cream or, their signature Jinjuu carnitas fries, slathered with cheddar, beef short rib, fresh kimchi and the works, you’re certainly going to enjoy this Korean-Mexican fusion.

Where: 15 Kingly Street, Soho, W1B 5PS


You can’t go wrong with a barbecue and, oh boy, does Gogi serve up a good’un! In true Korean-style, the meats are well marinated, the grills have been individually prepared, all that’s left is for you to bring the good vibes and a rumbling tummy! Whether you’re after a cabbage, radish, cucumber or, combination of all three kimchi blend, you’re certainly in for a fiery treat, enjoy!

Where: 451 Edgware Road, Little Venice, W2 1TH

Vegan Yes

Proving that plant-based food isn’t bland and boring is Vegan Yes. The resto fuses Italian and Korean cuisines together to create a healthy fast food option for workers and passers-by in the Shoreditch area. So if you’ve ever wondered what kimchi lasagna takes like now’s you chance…

Where: 64 Brick Lane, Shoreditch, E1 6RF

Bone Daddies

Specialising in Japanese-inspired cuisine, Bone Daddies is the brainchild of chef Ross Shonhan, and since opening, has become a food established to be proud of. Having first opened on Peter Street as a ramen bar, it’s since grown into the perfect spot to grab a quick work lunch or dinner before the theatre, wherever you are across the city. From steamed bao buns packed with fried chicken, kimchi and pickles, to spicy noodle broths…mmm.

Where: Venues across London

Left Photo Credit: @sendmefoodnoods • Right Photo Credit: @annaxue_


Kentucky Fried Chicken eat your heart out. Sink your teeth into Bibimbap’s Korean-style fried chicken and dunk it into sweet chilli. or kimchi-spiced mayo. For the veggies, their kimchi pancake served with garlic and sesame soy sauce is jam-packed with spice and flavours that Korean cooking is best known for, delish!

Where: Various venues across London

Bala Baya

Thought kimchi was just an Asian condiment? Think again! Bringing a splash of Tel Aviv to Bankside is the quirky Bala Baya. Fill your boots with their meze-style plates, but you’ve got to tuck into their crispy, sticky, crunchy chicken tights, rich with bitter orange, harissa, kimchi, butternut squash puree, hazelnuts and sumac.

Where: 229 Union Street, Southwark, SE1 0LR

Photo Credit Left: @purplegemgem Photo Credit Right: @benzo101

The Petite Corée

Combing the spicy and sweet flavours of Korean cooking into modern European dishes using seasonal ingredients is The Petite Corée. Their dishes are specially designed for sharing so it’s the perfect opportunity to dive into all of their kimchi offerings.

Feast upon kimchi and mozzarella arancini for a cheesy hit or, tuck into their kimchi gnocchi packed with English asparagus, sweet potato miso puree and stir fried kimchi. For a meaty hit, devour their steamed mandu stuffed with pulled pork and kimchi.

Where: 98 West End Lane, Westhampstead, NW6 2LU