Here at The Handbook, we know that nothing would maki your day better than reading a sushi guide. Alas, we’ve rounded up some of London’s top-notch, maki, teriyaki, nigiri spots, (and made ourselves mega hungry in the process)! From sensational flavours to decadent displays, these sushi restos are ready to let the good times roll…


Next we move on Michelin-starred sushi. Stumble upon Umu and you’ll experience the accomplished flavours from Yoshinori Ishii, a chef who knows the secret to a good temaki is flavour – simple! Ishii isn’t just a chef but also a skilled fisherman, potter and calligrapher. Suffice to say, he’s a man of many traits and as a result we, the guests, enjoy many a makizushi!

Sitting on Bruton Place, the restaurant wows with its innovative Kyoto-influenced dishes, flora and fauna, and ceramic tableware. It’s a treasure trove of sustainability too! Ishii is pals with Cornish and Scottish fishermen and, as a result, there’s fresh fish on each plate every day. In fact, Umu literally flies in fresh fish from Japan each day – no kidding!

What do we recommend? Well, the live Icelandic sea urchin is a must. As is the cured Northern Irish pollen.

Where: 14-16 Bruton Place, London, W1J 6LX, United Kingdom
Nearest station: Oxford Circus (0.5 miles)

The Leopard Bar at The Rubens At The Palace

Although you wouldn’t know so from the name, The Leopard Bar at The Rubens At The Palace is absolute gem of a spot for sushi. What’s more, you can indulge whilst peeping at Buckingham Palace views amongst outlandishly awesome leopard print settings. The eclectic dishes boom out the most exquisite of Japanese flavours, from maki rolls to sashimi and fresh sushi in the form of sugar snap and scallop nigiri.

With front row seats, you can gander at the chef freshly preparing the sushi before your eyes and, whilst you wait, why not delve into one of the palette cleanser cocktails; from a gorgeous plum saké umeshu with lemon and tonic water, to cherry saké martini and Kyoto fizz. Despite it being quite the unsuspecting setting for a spot of sush, The Leopard Bar wows with its selection, which appears in an afternoon tea-esque matter.

Leopard Bar, we like the way you roll…

Where: 39 Buckingham Palace Road, Westminster, SW1W 0PS

Sexy Fish

It’s all in the name at Sexy Fish, which produces some of the most moreish sushi going. The Mayfair eatery exudes creativity, snapping up the sensational design prowess of Martin Brudnizki and drenching the walls in art by Damien Hirst, Frank Gehry and Michael Roberts.

Wash down your sushi with the biggest collection of whisky in the world. Well, perhaps not all of it, but a glass at the very least! The Asian eatery plates up sushi to informed customers who’ve traversed the globe to find food that rivals it. The wholesome menu includes sashimi and nigiri in the form of yellow tail, smoked eel, red mullet, sea urchin and more. It’s time to feast, dear friends!

Where: Berkeley Square House, Berkeley Square, London W1J 6BR, UK
Nearest station: Green Park (0.3 miles)

Sumosan Twiga

Founded in 1997, Sumosan Twiga, as a global group, knows a thing or two about how to do sushi! The London venue popped its doors open in 2016 to bring sashimi, maki and more to intrigued London palettes. A visit will see you feasting on maki rolls in the form of smoked eel and rock shrimps, and tuna, O-toro, prawn and omelette where the sushi and sashimi is concerned. Sushi has long since strayed from its traditional roots, and a more experimental take can be enjoyed in the form of billionaire rolls, which boasts raw Wagyu beef with truffle.

Sumosan proposes to serve both Italian and Japanese food so you’ve got a compromise if either cuisine isn’t striking your fancy.

Where: Sumosan Twiga, Sloane Street, London, UK
Nearest station: Knightsbridge (0.3 miles)

The Araki

Another unmissable sushi hideout in Mayfair is The Araki with their one set menu only, the Sushi “Omakase”. Set up by Mitsuhiro Araki who closed his three Michelin-starred restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo, to bring London the opportunity to experience world renowned ‘Edomae Sushi’ for the first time – an authentic style invented circa 200 years-ago.

It is on the pricier side however it’s a true insight into the world of traditional Japanese cuisine.

Where: 12 New Burlington Street, Mayfair, W1S 3BH


When your name is SUSHISAMBA there’s a high chance some high class uramaki will make it onto your plate! The raw fish at this Japanese/Brazilian/Peruvian restaurant, which can be found in Covent Garden and the City, is sure to wow any sushi aficiando. Our insider scoop? Try their signature ‘samba roll’ – it’s a real showstopper!

Where: Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate, EC2N 4AY


Renowned for its booming, vibrant installations during cherry blossom season. ROKA is the Japanese restaurant group that has its finger on the pulse where sushi and ambiance is concerned. Expect elegantly presented platters, ablast with fresh yellowtail sashimi with yuzu-truffle dressing, soft shell crab maki and oh, so much more.

Outposts at Aldwych, Canary Wharf, Mayfair and Fitzrovia.

Where: Aldwych, Canary Wharf, Mayfair, Fitzrovia


Nobu? More like yesbu! Ok, sorry, bad joke. But seriously, this global foodie enterprise is one you’re going to want to be involved with when you hear what they’ve got on offer. Renowned for their serves of sushi, Nobu Matsuhisa’s Japanese fusion style took London by storm upon opening. And, if you’re visiting either the Shoreditch, Old Park Lane or Berkley Street outposts, we highly recommend trying the ‘new-style’ sashimi or keeping it timeless with a classic.

Where: Shoreditch, Old Park Lane, Berkeley Street


Enter through a set of noren, or traditional Japanese curtains, and you’ll discover Uchi, nestled on a back street in Clapton. The sensational spot boasts a wide selection including buttery tuna sashimi and a hijiki seaweed, carrot, and deep-fried tofu option that sends the tastebuds into overdrive.

Where: 144 Clarence Road, Hackney, E5 8DY

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