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We’ve all seen the famous Northern lights glittering across the Icelandic skies, the Arctic reindeer herds scattered around Norwegian fields, and the backpacking hipsters flooding the streets of Copenhagen. But, imagine rafting around Norway’s greatest fjord, island hopping in Finland, or hiking across Denmark’s very own desert? These chilly countries will have you shivering with glee in the winter and sparking up joy in the summer, all with a pilsner in hand. So let’s hit the road, in our trendy VW camper (obvs) and explore the wild side of Scandinavia…

Geirangerfjord, Norway

One thing I think we can all agree on is that Norway is a epitome of Mother Nature’s enchanting beauty. But rather than hitting the capital city of Oslo, why not explore one of Norway’s dazzling fjords because there’s *Norway* you’ve ever seen natural beauty quite like it… Perhaps the most famous fjord in Norway and one that’s definitely worth exploring is the Geirangerfjord area scattered with snow-covered mountain peaks, whirling waterfalls and lush green vegetation. Grab your walking boots and hike across the mountains, or bury yourself in your wetsuit and go rafting along the majestic waters. There’s snow way you’ll want to miss out…

If you’re wanting to go off grid for a few days and channel your inner Viking, take a trip up to the awe-inspiring Lofoten Islands. A quaint village we’ve fallen in love with is the fishing village of Hamnøy with its ragged mountain and unspoiled beauty. Escape the busy reality by ingulfing yourself in the beautiful surroundings from your own little cabin. Sounds perfect!


North Jutland, Denmark

In recent years Denmark has become a popular destination with millennials jetting over to the capital, Copenhagen. Known for bringing us Brit’s the wonderful world of lego (I mean, imagine a world without it!), Denmark is sprawled with a captivating history and charming beauty beyond its hipster adorned capital city. Take a drive up to the wildly remote North Jutland and explore their lesser known iconic landmarks, one being the mini desert at Råbjerg Mile, because let’s face it, who on earth knew there was a desert in Denmark?! Well, a set of migrating sand dunes anyway… This little wonder is just 20 minutes from the 700 year-old fishing village of Skagen which reeks of Danish culture and its culinary heritage.

While you’re on this bewildering roadtrip across North Jutland, a pitstop at Rubjerg Knude is a must. This sandy area is located 90 metres above sea level and this huge expanse is actually being gradually eaten by the sea with several metres of the disappearing into the ocean every year. So it’s definitely worth a peruse while it’s still visible…


Godafoss Waterfall, Iceland

Ice, Ice, Baby…

We’ve completely fallen in love with Iceland’s waterfall scene and looking at the photo above, you can probably guess why. Iceland is known for its striking icy beauty and enchanting Northern lights, but one thing that you need to tick off your Icelandic bucket list is a roadtrip dedicated to the ravishing waterfalls. One that we can’t stop daydreaming about is the Godafoss waterfall, which has been nicknamed the ‘waterfall of the gods’. The waterfall flows around 30 metre wide horseshoe-shaped rock and would definitely look good sprawled across your Insta feed. Grab your hiking boots, book yourself a camper van and let’s get exploring!


Lakeland, Finland

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…

Ho, ho, ho, you’ve landed in the magical world of Lapland and you might spot Santa and his reindeer if you’re lucky enough… But if you don’t fancy sledging over to Lapland then how about exploring Lakeland? No, not the kitchenware shop in your local shopping mall, but the Lakeland district in Finland. It’s the largest of its kind in Europe. Finland itself has over 188,000 lakes and around 180,000 islands, many of which are located in this district. So it’s time to find yourself an off-the-grid cottage by the lakes surrounded by emerald green forest, or kayak across the humongous lakes and while away your days…



Swedish Lapland, Sweden

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s just one of the whacky treehouses nestled amidst the trees at TreeHotel. Experience the natural world like never before as you clamber up to your UFO-style treehouse or the mirrorcube. It’s slap bang in the middle of Harads, a serene village that’s home to just 600, surrounded by woodland, the Lule River, and untouched natural beauty. This area of Sweden is aptly named ‘Swedish Lapland’, made up of rolling hills and bewitching rivers and is the perfect spot to catch the northern lights as you hike across the rocky terrains.


Wanderlusters, follow me…