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The Handbook

These shakes are bananas, B.A.N.A.N.A.S . They’re also chocolate, strawberry and any number of flavours between. Welcome to London’s best shakes…

Ben's Canteen

There's no can't in canteen

Credit-where-credit’s-due Ben’s Canteen do a bloody good milkshake they absolutely belongs in this list. The brunch maestros who do a fantastic burger and a pretty mean bottomless everything also produce some of London’s best milkshakes. Available in chocolate, vanilla or banana and peanut butter, you can also opt to make it ‘hard’ by adding rum, whisky or cognac.

Where: Battersea and Earlsfield

All Star Lanes

American as apple pie

Bowling and eating fatty food is about as American as you can get without firing an automatic rifle or colluding with the Russians to swing a general election. And at All Star Lanes you get to do both (the food and bowling, I mean, not the Russia thing). You also have the choice of flavours so Yankydoodle they come wearing a #MAGA baseball cap: Bye Bye Miss American Pie, Strawberry Bubblegum and Oreo.

Where: Various


Prepare to meat your shaker

This American diner, part of the Meat & Liquor chain, is great for an all-American burger or two, but don’t overlook the milkshakes (this is an article about milkshakes, remember). Made in partnership with teh Ice Cream Union, ‘No vegetable oil, no UHT, no crap and no fuss’ reads the menu. And with a simple selection of choc, strawberry, vanilla plus salted caramel, malt and malt chocolate they’re true to their word. Or even better, enjoy a little bit of fuss by making it ‘hard’ with options like  Tennessee Maple (you guessed it, including maple syrup and Jack Daniel’s) and Black Forest, which includes cherry liqueur.

Where: Jubliee Market Hall, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 8BE

Maxwell’s Bar & Grill

Dinner at the diner was never finer than at Maxwell’s Bar & Grill, famous for its American fare and, more importantly, for its freakshakes. I’m sorry, freakshake? Yes, the highly Instagramable drinks come in 20 flavours like Unicorn Freakshake and Salted Caramel Donut Freakshake and they’re massive and crazy and delicious. This is milkshake done the way nature intended.

Where: 34 King Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 8JD

Shake Shack Mansion House

Shake it off

Shake Shack might sound like, well, a shack, but in fact it’s a global phenomenon. The firm have taken milkshakes everywhere, from the desert (they’ve got outlets in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait) through to Cardiff. Londoners can get their hands on the shakes at eight different locations and one menu, with a selection of burgers and hand-spun milkshakes including all the usuals plus peanut butter and coffee Fair Shake.

Where: 45 Cannon Street, Mansion House

Ed's Easy Diner

Take it easy

Fire up the T-Bird, we’re off to the golden age of the diner: the 1950s. Ed’s Diner is a retro diner serving up real Americana. And, most importantly, milkshakes! Alongside all the usual diner stuff (burgers? Check! Hotdogs? Check! etc etc) there’s an impressive selection of shakes including flavours like butterscotch, lotus biscoff and white chocolate.

Where: 14 Woodstock Street, Mayfair, W1C 2AG

Swingers West End

Swing by

Hackney Gelato have teamed up with our favourite crazy golf destination (shhh, we also love all the crazy golf courses equally!) Swingers West End to launch a new ice cream bar with some brand new milkshakes which look as awesome as they taste. Flavours include caramel pop and choco o’ Oreo and, of course, you’ll want to go hard (as it were) with whisky and rum available.

Where: 15 John Prince’s Street, West End, W1G 0AB