‘If you can’t be first, be best’, so we’ve decided be first and get in early with a guide for where to book this bonfire night. In just under a month we’ll all be huddling in the freezing cold, clutching sparklers in our mittens. And here are the best places to do just so:

Alexandra Palace

When: Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd November

Ally Pally’s firework display is legendary. Not only is it a huge display, the views across the capital are nearly as stunning as the pyrotechnics. And its not just about the fireworks, the event will also buddy up with the UK’s largest German beer festival as well as featuring a performance by two tribute acts, The Killerz (Friday) and Elton John (Saturday). If that wasn’t enough, wander round the stalls and shops that’ll be out in force making you part with your recently-paid paycheques.

Where: Alexandra Palace Way, Muswell Hill, N22 7AY
Website: Get tickets here...

Bishop's Park

When: Saturday 2nd November

Bishop’s Park, in Fulham, will be cranking up the family fun on Guy-Fawkes-minus-three. The 2nd November event will see a spectacular of fireworks with a children’s display at quarter past seven ahead of the main display at eight. Meaning you can slip away with your little ones before the traffic goes nuts. Or you can just take them to the funfair or browse the shops.

Where: Bishop's Park, Fulham, SW6 3LA
Website: Get tickets here...


When: Saturday 2nd November

The one thing that Blackheath won’t be come November 3rd is black, instead it’ll be bathed in the multi-coloured hues of truck-loads of fireworks all set off for the 80,000 punters who regularly turn up to this extravaganza. The funfair starts around midday, so you really can make an afternoon and evening out of it, with foodstalls and traders cranking things up from around 5pm before the main event come 8 o’clock.

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Battersea Park

When: Saturday 2nd November

Ideal for food and drinks at the ever-expanding Battersea Power just across the way, Battersea Park is once again putting on their annual fireworks and bonfire. As ever it’s not free, but the atmosphere is one of the best in town and if you’re a local it’s a no-brainer.

Where: Battersea Park, Battersea, SW11 4NJ
Website: Get tickets here...

Victoria Park

When: Sunday 3rd November

Over at East London’s Victoria Park they’ve gone for a sci-fi theme for this celebration of a sixteenth century terrorism attempt. Hosted courtesy of the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, the free event is somewhat legendary and brings together this diverse borough through the beauty of burning money in the sky.

Where: Grove Road, Bow, E3 5TB
Website: Get info here...

Crystal Palace

When: Saturday 2nd November

Shine bright like a diamond… Watch the sky light up above Crystal Palace as you embark on an awe-inspiring evening of twinkling skies, dazzling family entertainment, and a breathtaking live show from Arcadia’s Lord of Lightning. These guys will literally be shooting lightning bolts from their bodies and into the sky… The party kicks off at 5:30 so prepare yourself for a night of fireworks, booze, food vendors, fairgrounds and wild entertainment.

Where: Anerley Hill, Crystal Palace, SE19 2BA
Website: Roll Up, Roll Up, Get Your Tickets Here...