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It’s about that time of year when the air gets a little bit too brisk and we want nothing but to cosy up in the house in the warm. With the UK currently undergoing a cost of living crisis, we’re all looking for some additional energy saving tips. Thankfully, financial journalist Martin Lewis shared some of his best tips to cut spending and advice on how to save money but still stay warm this winter on his Money Show Live on ITV. Get your house in shape with Lewis’s energy-efficient checklist before turning on the heating.

7 energy saving tips to incorporate at home

Water Saving Showerheads

We all love a nice, long shower, but we waste liters of water in the process. Invest in a water-saving shower head to cut down on consumption and save money on the water bill. These shower heads mimic the feeling of water by shooting out a combination of air and water, so good you won’t notice the difference. Click here (savewatersavemoney) to get yours today and start saving.

The One Degree Challenge

Take Martin Lewis’s one-degree challenge. The World Health Organization says a household temperature of 18 degrees is suitable for healthy adults. Take it one degree at a time. Reducing the temperature from 21 to 20 could save you 10% on your heating bill.

Refrain From Cranking Up The Heat

Let the thermostat do its job. When it gets colder do you find yourself turning up the heat? Put trust in the thermostat and save money by allowing the temperature to adjust on its own before cranking up the heat. Be sure to turn off the radiators in the rooms that aren’t being actively used.

Use Curtains Rigorously

Be tactical when using your curtains. We tend to forget the power of sunshine. When the sun is out, the curtains should be open and utilizing the free heating. At night time and on gray London days, keep the curtains closed and consider lining them with fleece to keep the heat inside and act as another layer of insulation.


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Put The Television On The Low Energy Setting

The average person watches up to four hours of television a day. Make sure your television is on the low energy setting to minimize energy usage and still kick back and enjoy your favourite shows.

Cut Down Usage Of Tumble Dryers

It is no surprise that tumble dryers are the biggest energy users in the house! When using the dryer, minimize the use and maximize the load. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a clothes-drying rack. They are quite inexpensive, will last a lifetime, take up very little space, and use no energy.

Oven And Heater Built In One

Love cooking? Enjoy your winter meal while letting the oven cool with the door slightly ajar. Not only will this act as heating for the kitchen, but it will also save energy by not having the cooling fan running for as long.

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