New book releases October 2022

Autumn nights are all about curling up in front of the fireplace or hiding under the duvet with a juicy new book. If you’re looking for a new tome to dive into, we’ve put together a list of the best new releases arriving this month, from Dolly Alderton’s agony aunt column series to comedian Bob Mortimer’s debut novel. 

Dear Dolly: On Love, Life and Friendship – Dolly Alderton

Everyone’s favourite charismatic journalist is back with another book. This time, instead of a memoir or witty fiction, it brings together a collection of work from her Dear Dolly agony aunt column in The Sunday Times Style. 

From the painful to the heartfelt, the hilarious to the strange, their questions tackle some of the most common issues a lot of us struggle with, experiences we go through and everything in between. Dolly replies with wisdom, charisma and charm, offering a safe space for the questions we’re all too afraid to ask.

Release Date: 27.10.2022 | £14.99

The Satsuma Complex – Bob Mortimer

Loved Bob Mortimer’s witty memoir And Away? You can now get another piece of his pie as the comedian returns with his debut novel, The Satsuma Complex. 

The narrative follows thirty-year-old legal assistant Gary, who falls in love with a girl he sees from across the pub when having a pint with his colleague Brendan. He doesn’t manage to get hold of her name, only remembering the book she was reading: The Satsuma Complex. His friend Brendan leaves early and goes missing, and it’s left up to Gary to venture through the estates and pie shops of South London to find the elusive girl and get some answers.

Hilarious and heartfelt, this is a novel that’s guaranteed to top the charts. 

Release Date: 27.10.2022 | £16.99

Demon Copperhead – Barbara Kingsolver

Taking Dickens’ popular David Copperfield story to new heights, Barbara Kingsolver turns the story on its head, portraying a modern story of a young boy thrust into adulthood, desperation and despair. 

Demon Copperhead follows a boy born to a teenage single mother, with no belongings attached to him aside from his dead father’s looks and copper-coloured hair, and a talent that’s yet to be discovered. Join us as we follow him on his bildungsroman journey, through the foster care system, child labor, worn-down schools, unknowing athletic success, love, and the hardships that come with life.

Release Date: 18.10.2022 | £20

Token Black Girl: A Memoir – Danielle Prescod

Danielle Prescod so brilliantly pieces together her past growing up black in an overwhelmingly white community and the pressures to ‘fit in’ into this socially constructed society in her new memoir, Token Black Girl: A Memoir

From being made to feel invisible by the whitewashed movies, TV, magazines and books she readily consumed, to causing long-term damage through chemical hair treatments from an early age, depriving herself of food as a young teen and continuing through pursuing a career in fashion and beauty, where she had to endure constant questions surrounding her upbringing and background, Danielle unpicks the problems of the social ladder and white supremacy in the media.

Out Now | £8.99

It Starts With Us – Colleen Hoover

Another month, another Colleen Hoover release. This time it’s the release of the follow-up sequel to her #1 Sunday Times bestseller, It Ends With Us. This new book, titled It Starts With Us, follows Atlas’ side, sharing what came next for the spiralling love story. 

The story switches between the perspective of Lily and Atlas, picking up right where their story left off. See how their love sequence comes to life as Lily and her ex-husband finally settle into a co-parenting routine and she bumps into Atlas. Is time finally on the side of this soulmate path?

Release Date: 18.10.2022 | £14.99

A Heart Full of Headstones – Ian Rankin

Famed Scottish crime author, Ian Rankin, is releasing the next instalment in his bestselling series. A Heart Full of Headstones follows John Rebus as he stands trial for a crime that could see him put away for life. The detective has once again taken the law into his own hands and as his colleague Detective Inspector Siobhan Clarke takes charge of Edinburgh’s new big case, all arrows are pointing towards Rebus.

Release Date: 13.10.2022 | £17.99

The Rise of the Dragon – George R.R. Martin, Elio M. Garcia Jr & Linda Antonsson

The Rise of the Dragon offers a full deep dive into the history of the adventures and dragons of House Targaryen, the family known from Game Of Thrones’ prequel series, House of the Dragon. Brought to life in a stunning visual history through over 150 new, coloured illustrations, fans of the epic prequel series are in for an action-packed adventure this autumn.

Release Date: 25.10.2022 | £20

The White Mosque – Sofia Samatar

Sofia Samatar traces back history to the 1800s when a group of German-speaking Mennonites fled Russia for Muslim Central Asia to await Christ’s return. Sofia looks back at this gruelling journey from the desert and mountains, and the improbable fruit: a small Christian settlement inside the Khanate of Khiva.

Release Date: 27.10.2022 | £17.99

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