Jennifer Lopez has been having something of a resurgence lately, with her appearance in 2019’s Hustlers gathering a lot of acclaim, and starring in the romcoms Marry Me and Shotgun Wedding, as well as featuring in the documentary Jennifer Lopez: Halftime for Netflix.

If you’re itching to see J-Lo in another serious role, then look no further than next year’s The Mother, a new thriller coming to Netflix in May 2023, starring Lopez in the lead role.

Set to arrive in May 2023, it sees the superstar take up the role of an ex-assassin, who is forced out of hiding in order to protect her estranged daughter. J-Lo’s character had been on the run, pursued by other assassins, and is now putting her life in danger by stepping back into the world. The film doesn’t have too many other plot details to talk about, but Netflix has released a teaser trailer, showing J-Lo in the snowy wilderness, doing pull-ups to keep herself prepared, and is then seen aiming a sniper rifle at someone or something. Things then cut to a montage of car chases and different locales, while J-Lo’s protagonist says to her daughter “if there’s trouble… come find me.”

In addition to J-Lo herself, The Mother is set to star Joseph Fiennes (The Handmaid’s Tale), Omari Hardwick (Power), Gael Garcia Bernal (Coco, Old), Paul Raci (Sound of Metal) and Jesse Garcia. Newcomer Lucy Paez meanwhile plays J-Lo’s daughter. Fiennes and Bernal are set to portray the assassins pursuing mother and daughter, while Hardwick plays an FBI agent. It’ll be directed by Niki Caro, known for helming the Mulan remake, as well as The Zookeeper’s Wife and Whale Rider.

While there’s not much other info out there, you can watch the teaser trailer above, and the film will release next summer. Meanwhile, watch this space as J-Lo is set to appear in several more new films as part of her Netflix deal.

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