The Handbook
The Handbook
By | 14th January 2014

Today chef Michael Riemenschneider opens CANVAS by Michael Riemenschneider (The Abbey in Penzance), London’s first ‘create your own’ tasting menu restaurant. Spearheading the evolution of the tasting menu, the Swiss chef promises to merge ‘creativity, efficiency and technology to modernise fine-dining and incite a more immersive dining experience’.

Guests at the tiny 20-seater venue, will be invited to construct their own tasting menu – a minimum of three courses up to 9 courses at lunch, or 15 courses at dinner – from a selection of 16 dishes. They can build their menu as they see fit – choosing as many starters, mains or desserts, as they prefer. The chef will then determine the most appropriate sequence in which these dishes are delivered.

The menu will be comprised of five signature plates, available year-round, and a further 11 seasonally-inspired dishes such as Pigeon with chocolate, beetroot and ‘the golden egg’,  Scallop with cauliflower ‘a little different’, caramel and juniper and Veal – loin, mince and shoulder served with quince and artichokes. These will change twice each season.

Classic dessert favourites will get a little tweak as well such as Apple Strudel with rum and raisin, and a variation of Riemenschneider’s Grandmother’s Brioche bread and butter pudding comes with bananas and pistachio. A wine list composed by the very experienced Head Sommelier Alis Jusic, fine vintages will predominantly sit alongside recommended wine matches for each dish plus two wine flights – ‘classic’ and ‘iconic’, tailored for every tasting menu.

For a more traditional tasting menu experience, there’s the Menu Surprise – a five-course bespoke menu of the chef’s choosing, comprising of new and off-menu items. Of his new venture, the chef who has worked alongside Pierre Gagnaire, Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay says, “I want to take the tasting menu off its pedestal and make it more accessible and fun.”