Got that 14th February feeling where you just want to curl up with a good old-fashioned rom-com? If you’ve already seen Sydney Sweeney ’s Anyone But You, then turn to Netflix to serve you some more will they, won’t they goodness. With the romantic drama series One Day out, the streaming service is also releasing Players, a rom-com all about love and sports.

It stars Gina Rodriguez (Not Dead Yet) as a sportswriter who finds love when she’s least expecting it. Here’s what you need to know:

What is Players on Netflix about?

Our romantic lead in Players is Mack (Rodriguez), who lives in New York and is happy in her job as a sportswriter, as well as being blissfully single. Along with her best friend Adam (New Girl’s Damon Wayans Jr .), she is content with hook-ups and flings which she calls “plays”- though there’s a strict rule of not falling into a proper relationship from one of these meetups. So far, everyone’s happy, until Mack begins to catch feelings for her newest interest, the war correspondent Nick (Lucifer’s Tom Ellis ).


Charming, handsome and apparently an all-round perfect guy, Nick clearly is a catch, and Mack can’t quite resist. Not only are her love and work lives colliding, Mack feels conflicted as to whether she can break her own and most important rule. Sport and staying single is her whole life- is she ready to trade it all for true love? And how will her friends react as they all learn to “play for keeps”?

Who stars in Players and is there a trailer?

Our main trio is joined in the cast by Joel Courtney , star of The Kissing Booth series, alongside Liza Koshy (Work It), Augustus Prew (Prison Break), Marin Hinkle (Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle) and Ego Nwodim (Good Burger 2). Netflix also dropped the film’s first trailer, with our characters in action: “I might like him…” says Mack of Nick. “I’m 33, and want an adult”. The gang sets out to help ensure the two stay together- but of course, they’ve never played for keeps.

Is there a release date?

Players lands on Netflix right on time, with a Valentine’s release. Stream from today [14th February 2024].

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