If there’s one type of show that TV needs more of, it’s one where witches use modern-day technology to reel in their victims and spell trouble. Domino Day, which is available to stream now on BBC iPlayer, fulfils just this premise.

Following hot on the heels of recent hits like The Tourist and Vigil, the new BBC series follows the titular Domino (BAFTA nominated actress Siena Kelly ), a young witch living in Manchester, who possesses incredible powers, but also has to juggle her constant need to feed… Intrigued? Read on for why Domino Day should be your next streaming obsession:

What is Domino Day about?

The captivating new show is named after its lead character, Domino Day. On the surface quite, she’s an ordinary 20-something woman who just so happens to be a witch. Rather than brewing sickly green potions and all things bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, Domino instead brews coffee in her day job as a barista and blends in pretty easily with everyone else her age.

This being the 21st century, she’s also a keen user of dating apps, but not for the reason you’d think – her witch powers come with the curse of needing to drain the energy and life force of others to keep going. To remedy this, she uses the various apps at her disposal to find predatory or otherwise dangerous men and take their life energy, which she feels is a justifiable option. But it’s not always easy to control her powers and Domino finds herself trying to keep her life in check while also not destroying everyone around her.

What else do we know & where can I watch?

It’s not just Domino concerned about her ability to wreak havoc – a group of witches established in her area, who are into the potion-making side of witch life, are keeping a close eye on her. Worried she could lose her way or turn her attention to them, the coven forms a plan to intervene if things get too hairy. Above them, an even shadowy council of “elders” fear the same outcome of Domino’s lifestyle, and a collision course between them soon becomes apparent.

Keeping up? There are plenty of references to all kinds of tropes and familiar magical elements, but at its heart, Domino Day is a modern and stylish take on what it means to be a witch.

The series also stars Percelle Ascott (Tin Star), Poppy Lee Friar (Torvill & Dean), and Maimuna Memon (Time).

Domino Day is available to stream now on BBCiPlayer.

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