The Heart-Racing Vigil Returns For A Second Series

By Rufus Punt | 28th November 2023

At long last, one of the best BBC shows in years is back: Vigil, the nail-biting submarine drama that hit our screens back in 2021 is back for a second series.

While we might have to wait a while for the likes of Wolf Hall and The Tourist to return, Vigil will be setting pulses racing again when it premieres next month, bringing Amy (Suranne Jones) into even deeper waters. After a series of mysterious deaths in Scotland, she’s sent to investigate, and her life is suddenly put in grave peril. Here’s all we know so far:

What is Vigil series 2 about?

What you probably remember most about Vigil’s first series is the claustrophobic nature of the submarine in which most of the drama is set. Close corridors, intense confrontations and a looming threat of death- it’s no wonder that the show became one of the BBC’s highest-rated in years. But from what’s been released about series 2 so far, Vigil is taking a step away from the submarine and putting the intrepid DCI Amy onto dry land, but still certainly dangerous territory.

Our heroine is brought onto a case that has rattled authorities in Scotland: a number of mysterious deaths have occurred at a weapons testing facility. Unsurprisingly, information on the deaths is difficult to come by, which is why Amy and her romantic partner Kirsten (Rose Leslie) must integrate themselves into RAF ranks, even if it’s not always easy.

What else do we know?

From the official images, Vigil series 2 will be much less focused on what goes on in a nuclear submarine, as Amy and Kirsten find themselves delving into the ever-advancing world of drone warfare. A dangerous threat is lurking in the shadows and their race to prevent more deaths will take them from Scotland to the Middle East, with no one seeming trustworthy.

There are dangers around every corner, with one of the first look images showing the pair with hands in the air in front of an unseen figure. Further plot details are being kept quiet, but we’ll soon get plenty more info on it when the official trailer drops imminently.

Who else stars?

Aside from Jones and Leslie, series 2 is also set to feature Gary Lewis (His Dark Materials), returning from the last series, as well as new cast members like Romola Garai (The Hour), Dougray Scott (Enigma), David Elliot (The Liberator), Amir El-Masry (SAS Rogue Heroes) and others.

Is there a release date?

You won’t have long to wait though, as Vigil series 2 is set to air on BBC One on 15th December.

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