I’ve never tried a raw food approach but there are definitely some aspects of my diet that are partly raw. Namely hummus, sashimi and gazpacho. Those count right? But how hard is it to go completely raw? Seemingly quite easy, apparently. There are copious amounts of restaurants that cater for this way of life. Offering up raw pizzas and raw cakes. I know, it’s not exactly the same as a gooey chocolatey Betty Crocker brownie mix… but it’s a whole deal better for you.

And there are lots of people who say that raw is better for you. Robert Ross, founder of RawFoodLife.com, says that heat destroys the natural enzymes in fresh fruit and vegetables and also actively produces toxins, too. He says that before humans discovered fire (more than 10,000 years ago), we thrived on raw, unadulterated foods – and we were actually better for it. So if you want to try and enhance your diet with more than just some carrot sticks and hummus, ignite your inner caveman and scroll on for the best raw food joints in town.


Farmacy is nestled in Notting Hill and owned by Camilla Al-Fayed (yes, of the the Al-Fayed Harrods dynasty). It’s super fancy inside and caters perfectly for the London crowd who want to be seen in the right places and with the right kind of food. And in this case, it’s food that’s free-from everything. Free from dairy, sugars, additives, meat, and guess what? There’s a load of raw foods too. Opt for one of their seriously slick salad bowls with every healthy thing you can imagine: seaweed, broccoli, cucumber, mushrooms, sprouts and lots of seeds.

Where: 74-76 Westbourne Grove, W2 5SH
Website: www.farmacylondon.com


At Gold, they are dedicated to serving up food with the lowest amount of intervention. While they do cook seasonal ingredients in live-fire cooking, wood roasting and charring, they also serve up raw dishes. Chef Theo Hill (of River Café fame) serves up fresh salads and delicious raw plates like wild sea bass carpaccio with punchy flavours. The vibe here is always fun, and somewhat more relaxed than its neighbours in the area with its terracotta floor and bountiful plants.

Where: 95-97 Portobello Road, W11 2QB
Website: www.goldnottinghill.com

Raw Press

Raw Press has lead the way in health and wellbeing for some time now. It has a splendid array of organic cold-pressed juices, adaptogenic granolas, and raw protein donuts. Yes, the latter sounds good doesn’t it? These healthy snacks, better known as Pronuts, are made with Raw Press’ secret recipe. Choose from Macha, Cacao or Rose and Raspberry. Each one is made from oats, cashews and dates, with vegan hemp protein powder… and feels devilishly decadent while being good for you!

Where: 3 Ellis Street, SW1X 9AL
Website: www.rawpress.co


Rawlala takes raw living very seriously. Their aim is to make tasty cakes from natural ingredients. Their cakes are sweetened by fruits like dates or dried apricots – and absolutely nothing is cooked here. They blend, mix and dehydrate nuts and dates to create nutritious cakes. Yes, nutritious cakes – who could dream up such a thing? Raw brownies, raw cookies and even raw donuts.

Where: 11 Hackney Road, E2 7NX
Website: www.rawlala.co.uk


The funky little vegan / raw/ plant-based shop 8Foods was founded in 2014 after Alexi, the founder, had discovered the benefits of a low-sugar, high-raw diet. She boasts that she was able to reverse her pre-diabetic symptoms through this new way of eating. After studying a masters in this type of nutrition she launched a kitchen and a whole line of raw food products, including raw almond morsels, raw brownie, raw energy bites, raw cheesy kale crackers. Pop into the 8Foods deli at Triyoga in Chelsea for a whole host of sweet treats and juices.

Where: Triyoga, 372 Kings Road, SW3 5NZ
Website: www.8foods.co.uk

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