One of this year’s Netflix releases that we’ve been most looking forward to, along with the likes of Ripley and Hit-Man has finally released: Scoop, a new political drama film that recounts the incredible true story of Prince Andrew’s infamous Newsnight interview.

Starring Gillian Anderson, Rufus Sewell, Billie Piper and Keeley Hawes, it’ll delve behind the scenes into how exactly the interview was secured after months of public scrutiny, and follows journalist Emily Maitlis (Anderson) as she prepares to catch the story of a lifetime. It’s sure to be an essential watch- here’s all to know:

What is Scoop about?

Cast your mind back five years ago to 2019: before Covid lockdowns and all the craziness in the word that’s followed, one of the biggest news stories of the time was the growing questions around Prince Andrew’s place in the monarchy and allegations against him. Queen Elizabeth was still on the throne, Harry and Meghan were still a major part of the royal family, and Andrew was fending off questions about his relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffery Epstein, who had died that year. It’s in front of this tumultuous backdrop that Scoop takes place. Renowned journalist Emily Maitlis  (Anderson), then at Newsnight and known for prodding interviews, sets out to land an interview with the royal to address the allegations, but it won’t be easy. While the recreation of the interview is one of the film’s big draws, there’s a lot more to the story: Sam McAlister, the person who wrangled the interview and who’s book the film is based on, told Netflix’s Tudum “the interview is so significant, but it’s 5% of the story.”

The BBC and the Royal Family might have a strong connection, but they’ve had their fair share of fallings-out, so Maitlis and McAlister (played by Billie Piper) have their hands full in persuading the palace for access. With the help of editor Esme Wren (Romona Garai), the women carefully negotiate with palace private secretary Amanda Thirsk (Keeley Hawes) to get what everyone had assumed was in achievable. The 103 minute drama goes over every step of the painful process of convincing the Prince to go ahead, until Maitlis and Andrew (played by a near unrecognisable Rufus Sewell) finally go face to face in front of the cameras for one of history’s most famous car crash interviews.

What else do we know, and where can I watch?

Scoop is directed by Phillip Martin, known for his work on also royal-themed show The Crown, and written by Peter Moffat. Also starring are Connor Swindells (Sex Education), Charity Wakefield (The Great) and Lia Williams. It’s available to screen now on Netflix, and you can watch the trailer below:

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