Have you met Scott? Scott Chegg? He’s small and ginger. You know, smells a big eggy…

Lockdown’s starting to grind (silver lining: we’re past the half way point) so we’re getting through this ordeal any way we can. And it seems that Britain is whiling away the days doing what Britain does best. No, not invading random countries or winning ‘nil points’ at Eurovision, the other thing… Dad jokes.

The gag doing the rounds at the moment goes something like the one pictured here and it’s been all over, from Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1 to your own mobile messaging device.

They've responded by buying actual Scotch eggs. To the tune of a nationwide 416% rise in sales!

But the meme has had a real-world effect on lockdown Britons, bored at home and bombarded with Scotch egg madness. They’ve responded by buying actual Scotch eggs. To the tune of a nationwide 416% rise in sales!


According to Deliveroo, the decidedly old-school snack is seriously trending. And they’re about as keen to jump on any internet meme that might lead to a bump in clicks as we blatantly are.

A Deliveroo spokesperson explains “I was another victim of the Scott Chegg joke. 2020 has been the year of viral memes and pranks on social, but this is possibly the most elaborate yet. Needless to say we are stunned by the huge spike in Scotch Egg orders on the platform this month. If there are any real people called Scott Chegg out there, please stand up – your next Scotch Egg is on Deliveroo!”

They’ve even gone so far as to figure out the most Scotch-egged stores in the UK. Want to know which they are? Course you don’t’. But still:

1.      Bristol – Waitrose Scotch Egg, Waitrose (Clifton)
2.      Plymouth – Speciality Scotch Egg, Cosmic Kitchen (what’s Cosmic Kitchen? Yes, we wondered too, it’s a Vegan cafe)
3.      London – Waitrose Scotch Egg, Waitrose (multiple)
4.      Bournemouth – Waitrose Scotch Egg, Waitrose (Parkstone)
5.      Norwich – Co-op 2 Scotch Eggs, Co-op (Sprowston Road)

While it’s incredible that Bristol’s Clifton Waitrose sold more Scotch eggs than all London’s Waitroses put together (is that what this data shows?) what’s unclear is exactly how many Scotch eggs were bought before this eggy tidal wave. Or why we even wrote this article.

Nevertheless, Scott Chegg will be proud. Wherever he is.

Anyway, here’s a link to Deliveroo, because they’ve just about earned it. Also enjoy the tenuously linked Youtube video/earworm of Phill Michell – The Scotch Egg Remix above, you’re welcome…

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