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Harrison Ford is one of the biggest film stars on the planet, but while he’s known for starring as Han Solo and Indiana Jones, he’s mostly stayed away from TV since the 1990s. But that’s all changing: not only is he now currently starring in 1923 with Helen Mirren, but he’s also going to be tapping into his deadpan acting chops for the new Apple TV+ comedy Shrinking, co-starring actor and comedian Jason Segel, which is set to release on 27th January.



Ford being in an Apple comedy series might be the headline grabbing part, but Segel is the leading man: the How I Met Your Mother star plays Jimmy Laird, a therapist who’s dealing with his own grief and personal issues. At a breaking point after giving advice day in and day out, and tired of being constrained by the rules, Jimmy starts to ignore his training and the ethics of the profession and starts to tell his clients exactly what he thinks. Unsurprisingly, being so upfront leads to unintended consequences, including huge changes to both the life of his patients and his own.



Jimmy’s new outlook on life doesn’t come entirely from within: Dr Paul Rhodes (Ford) notices that Jimmy’s life seems to be falling apart, and steps in to help turn things around. It’s with Paul’s advice that he begins to be brutally frank with his patients, as seen in the trailer when he advises a woman (Heidi Gardner) who feels they’re in a rocky but still loving relationship: “your husband is emotionally abusive, he’s not working on it, he doesn’t intend to, just leave him”- and the woman immediately takes his advice. But it seems things are beginning to get out of hand as his fellow therapists in the field point out that Jimmy’s actions are becoming increasingly unethical and damaging- but Jimmy feels his patients are thriving. He’ll have to figure out if he’s truly on the right path- and solve his problems with grief, and a strained relationship with his daughter, along the way.



Alongside the starring duo of Segel and Ford, Shrinking’s 10 episodes will also star Jessica Williams (host of podcast 2 Dope Queens), Luke Tennie (Deadly Class), Michael Urie (Ugly Betty) and Christia Miller (Scrubs). It was created meanwhile by Brett Goldstein and Bill Lawerence, who both created Apple TV+‘s acclaimed Ted Lasso. Shrinking will debut on Apple TV+ on the 27th of January.



Shrinking drops on Apple TV+ on 27 January

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