It’s been a long time coming, but the first glimpse and details for Squid Game season 2 are finally here: Netflix recently unveiled a teaser look at the follow-up of a series that dominated the world, spawning countless memes, media coverage, and eventually an also successful reality spin-off.

Season 2 is set to arrive at last in 2024. It’s been a few years since Season 1, and the monster hit is a tough act to follow – can the second series live up to the hype as one of this year’s most anticipated shows? Here’s everything we know so far:

What will Season 2 of Squid Game be about?

Despite Squid Game’s mega-success around the world (only Stranger Things and Wednesday have gotten close to the show’s Netflix numbers), it remained up in the air for a while as to whether we’d get more stories from the Korean thriller’s dystopian world. Eventually, Season 2 was (inevitably) greenlit, but we’ve all been wondering: where does the show go from here?

Just as a refresher, Squid Game is based around a group of 456 players attempting to survive deadly games in a secret location in Korea to win a life-changing amount of money. Season 1 ended with (Spoilers, if you’re one of the few people that hasn’t binged the whole thing) our deeply in debt central protagonist Gi-hun finally triumphing at the end of the gruelling and violet ordeal and being awarded the huge prize sum. But he’s left shaken and unenthused about his winnings and also finds his mother died while he was away.

It looks likely that Gi-hun will be looking to take down the deadly enterprise that trapped him, having discovered that they’re still going ahead with a new group of players in Season 1’s last moments.

The brief teaser, which appeared at the end of Netflix’s Next on Netflix showreel, showed Gi-hun with dyed red hair taking a phone call at what looks like an airport. The voice on the other end of the line tells him he’ll “regret the choice you made”, but Gi-hun assures the caller that he’ll find him “whatever it takes.” Netflix previously confirmed that Gi-hun will be “back in the arena”, and as he hunts down who’s truly behind the Squid Game, he’ll also be grappling with his decision to stay behind in the country and not join his daughter, Ga-yeong in the US.

When does Squid Game Season 2 release?

The new season has yet to get a definite release date this year, but it’s likely it’ll drop on Netflix in the latter half Season 1 was first released in September 2021. We’ll keep you updated on the latest details when they’re announced.

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