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With her holistic approach and award-winning natural skincare range, Annee de Mamiel’s is renowned as one of the top UK super facialists who encourages her clients to slow down, breathe and practice self-care. As an acupuncturist, aromatherapist and healing facialist, Annee knows a thing or two about wellness and beauty. Intrigued by her ability to create natural beauty products (each made by hand) that deliver, we desperately wanted to have a sneak peek into Annee’s own personal beauty story and reveal her life in beauty…

What’s your first beauty memory?

Weirdly, I am not sure I have one, I often say that beauty found me rather than something I have always loved. I remember my Barbie perfume maker, a beloved Christmas present when I was about 7or 8! Textures and smells are things that fill me with a sense of beauty – Pop’s roses, Grans camellia bush and the smell of the bush – the air mixed with eucalyptus after rain. I love the healing aspects of plants and ancient medicines and cultures from bush medicine to traditional Chinese medicine, so much to learn! Beauty is firmly inside, and health is wealth!

Have you got any go-to treatments?

Acupuncture and Chiropractic – I have being seeing Dominic Cheetham for over 20 years and he is a magician (#sloanesqaurechiropractors). Acupuncture for me is also a must, I just find it helps me find flow and allows the effects of stress to wash over me.

How do you switch off from such a busy and demanding job?

Walking Willow, we have a beautiful dog- she is our Head of Happiness, so being with her ensures laughter and lots of play! I find that exercise and moving really help, as does a bath and a good book in paper form. I also love getting into the kitchen to let the outside world go, cooking and baking is a complete joy.

If you could turn back time, what beauty advice would you give your twenty-year old self?

Breathe! A little bit often is best. A good routine in skincare builds a strong foundation of radiance and glow and this is what shines through, make up is an accent.

Have you got any wellbeing rituals?

Breathing, bathing, and moving!

Exercise and movement are such motivators in the way we perform in everyday life, it moves our life force and qi to remain vital and energised.

Such an obvious thought but practicing breath work is essential to move anything when I am feeling stuck. It is a way to consciously slow down an over wrought nervous system and decrease cortisol and stress. So conscious breathwork is something I not only make a practice of and allow time for, but I also integrate it into my skin routine and properly ritualise it. Inhaling the essential oils amplifies the calmness I feel which is why I have blended the products in this way and have an emotional impact and being able to wash away the days stress.


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“For me oils are like fine wines, they sit for months, and the longer they age, the better they become.”

Do you take any supplements?

Vitamin D – a precursor for so many things and after my last lot of blood tests I was deficient, Adaptogens for Adrenal support – these give me an extra boost of energy. Turmeric for inflammation as I tend to have that constitution. Plus, probiotics and Saskia’s Flower essences.

What’s on your beauty repeat buy list?

The only thing that there are multiple bottles of in my bathroom is SPF. I love Adam Reeds Arkive Head Care and Aesop for bath products.

Do you have a secret haven for special and unique beauty finds?

Now that’s tricky but there is always time to dive into a French pharmacy! Listening to some of our smaller retailers and what they have discovered is always a source of new finds – I love some of the uniqueness Dara Kennedy finds at Ayla Beauty as does Janine Knizia at Muse & Heroine and Imelda Burke at Content Beauty – always a few gems to be found.

“When the carefully sourced ingredients come to my blending room, I meditate over the, give them blessings of thanks and give words of intention over the bottles.”


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What are you go-to skin saviours time and time again?

I think that simple, consistent routines are the best saviours and always stick to my own brand. When there is a need I find I double up using the Restorative Cleansing Balm as a mask followed by the Skin Recovery Blend – summer winter and everything in between, it just delivers.

Double Cleansing is something that is necessary, especially in a city, we need to get the grime of the day and makeup off, I use Pure Calm Cleansing Dew as it has anti-pollution actives and the scent begins to settle me, followed by the Restorative Cleansing Balm – massaged in and working to release tension in my muscles followed by a hot and cold rinse for 2 minutes. I then feed my skin- lightest to heaviest – water to oil. So, it varies depending on what I need in the morning mist pressed into the skin, Fatigue or First Fix Serum followed but Exhale Daily Hydrating Nectar. The evening it will be Gravity Fix, followed by one of my seasonal oils and skin recovery blend.

Can you reveal your makeup bag heroes?

I feel I have a lot to learn with make-up and I literally wave some over my face with a vague hope it looks OK. I like Gucci Westman Atelier and Ilia for tinted lip products and mascara. I also have a red lipstick from Chanel that comes out on special occasions, and I love it. A spray of my Facial Mist, a little Lip Rx and a sniff of Altitude Oil (which is also gamechanger for anxious frequent travellers) and I am good to go!

How do you switch off?

Taking a bath, listening to a playlist, and inhaling a scent – bliss. And you can’t beat a Saturday morning coffee with the FT weekend edition for a great weekend, sadly it’s not a regular occurrence. I also find cooking very relaxing.

What’s your signature scent?

I don’t really wear perfumes, but I quite often wear de Mamiel Soothe or Anchor balms as a fragrance.

Name your beauty golden rules.

Always wear sunscreen. Plus, facial massage is a game changer – it feeds the skin and drains away the puffiness gives you an instant glow but over time helps with tone, texture, and volume.


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“When the carefully sourced ingredients come to my blending room, I meditate over the, give them blessings of thanks and give words of intention over the bottles.”

“I believe that everything that affects beauty is a result of internal and external elements.”

What inspires you when you’re developing a product?

My patients! They keep challenging me to find new solutions to problems they are experiencing, and the treatment room is my happy place, where I get to really dive in and follow through an issue from understanding the cause of it to seeing how it manifests on the skin and being able to create a solution to prevent it coming back!

And finally, do you have any New Year resolutions?

Mmm – stretch more and find my next athletic challenge…more time on the tennis court.

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