The New High Stakes Political Drama To Binge

By Rufus Punt | 26th April 2023
The Diplomat Netflix

Netflix is on top its game right now for making engrossing dramas- shows like Obsession and You have been our highlights this year, while upcoming projects like Griselda and All The Light We Cannot See are marked in our calendars. Its latest drama, The Diplomat, is definitely one to sink into next.

Starring Keri Russell and helmed by Homeland writer Debora Cahn, it focuses on the life of the new US ambassador to the UK. Political crises and marriage crises collide to make things difficult for her- and dramatic for us.

Russell and Cahn are certainly a dream team to make a political drama-thriller series, with Cahn having also written for White House drama The West Wing in the 2000s. Russell meanwhile starred as Elizabeth Jennings in the acclaimed spy thriller The Americans, so there’s certainly a high bar to meet. She plays Kate Wyler, a diplomat who’s elevated to the important post of US Ambassador the United Kingdom.

The Diplomat Netflix
The Diplomat Netflix

As a chief diplomat between the two close allies, Kate’s suddenly got a lot on her plate: international crises immediately need to be tackled, and friends in London need to be found. A British aircraft carrier has been attacked, causing tensions in the Middle East. She’s also having to deal with restrictive protocol and expectations put onto her.

To make things trickier, she’s married to Hal (Rufus Sewell) who’s also a diplomat and former ambassador. Their relationship is hugely strained, and they have all but separated, but still try to support each other, with Hal giving her advice. The workaholic Kate also takes time to acquaint herself with the British PM (played by Rory Kinnear) and report to the US President (played by Michael McKean) as her begins to balance her duties. Kate isn’t totally flawless, often feeling cynical about her new job which she didn’t want and resenting things like profile photo shoots- but there’s a possibility that her role could eventually lead her to new heights. The eight episode season just gets better and better, and will hook you in to till the end.

The Diplomat also stars David Gyasi, Ato Essandoh, Miguel Sandoval, Nana Mensah and Pearl Mackie, and has received positive reviews from critics, with particular acclaim going to Keri Russell’s leading performance.

It debuted on 20th April, and you can stream all episodes now

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