Netflix has a lot in store for us in 2024, with shows like Bridgerton Season  3, 3 Body Problem and Dead Boy Detectives set to arrive on the service in the coming months, and one project we’re really excited for is Sofia Vergara’s miniseries Griselda.

Out this week, the Modern Family actress takes a darker turn than many of her roles as Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco, a real-life drug criminal who became prominent in the 1980s and is made by some of the same team behind Narcos.

What is Griselda about?


Griselda has been in the works for several years and is described as a passionate project of Sofia Vergara’s, and she’ll both produce and star in the six-part miniseries. We meet Griselda as the 70s pass into the 80s, and she makes the desperate move to flee from Medellín, the mountainous city in Colombia and arrives in Miami along with her three young children- and a stash of cocaine. She turns her attention to using her ruthless nature and sharp business skills to subvert the law and build up a drug empire, as she becomes known as “La Jefa” (“The Boss”), one of the most feared kingpins (or queenpin) in both North and South America.

Everyone’s heard of Pablo Escobar, but Griselda Blanco is decidedly less well known, despite her reputation in the underworld: There has never been a woman who came close to achieving the power, wealth, and respect that Griselda did. And no trafficker, woman or man, ever elicited the same level of fear” commented producer Eric Newman to Netflix’s Tudum site. The series’ official trailer begins with a court testimony that “for the past three years, Griselda Blanco has owned Miami”, before showing some of the violence and grit you’d expect from a Miami based crime show.


When does Griselda release on Netflix?

Vergara is definitely a far cry from Gloria in Modern Family, threatening enemies and embracing her title as The Godmother. Visually the series looks a lot like Narcos, with the same throwback fashion and flair, but with a focus on Griselda’s role as both a gangster and a dedicated mother. Netflix has also released a few first-look posters for the anticipated series, which is set to finally arrive for streaming on Thursday 25th January. You can watch the full trailer below.

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