The Glory

Netflix always swarms up with new exciting releases, and the next on its roster is the second part of the Korean drama, The Glory. Part One was only released back at the very end of last year on 30th December, and centred around Moon Dong-eun (played by Song Hye-kyo), a teacher who was the victim of vicious bullying at school, and decides to get her revenge on those who tormented her. Part Two picks up where the previous eight episodes left off.

Part One of The Glory soon gathered a devoted following upon release and critical acclaim for its performances and analysing of the long-term psychological effects of bullying. Its depictions of Dong-eun’s abuse at the hands of her classmates could be hard to watch but nonetheless were integral to creating a compelling narrative. After so many years of torment, Dong-eun crafts her revenge plans and begins to slowly carry them out, and while she appears cold and calculated, you can’t help but feel it’s deserved after her abuse. But she’s not done yet, and Part Two will see her move to the next phase of her plan and finally carry out her revenge.

What does Part Two have in store for us? Netflix’s official trailer, which you can watch below, offers us an idea: it starts off dramatically, with Dong-eun being asked by Do-yeong (Jung Sung Il) “Once this revenge is over… …will you find happiness?”. We then see her meeting with Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-yeong) the ringleader of Dong-eun’s tormentors, who says “Your life has been a living hell, since the very day you were born.” But Dong-eun catches her off guard by responding with “Maybe I should rip your mouth open”, and can only respond with a smirk to Yeon-jin’s bewilderment.

We also see the group of bullies accusing each other and trying to claim innocence over the death of a character only known as J, who they bullied mercilessly before Dong-eun. “I’m the only one who’s innocent here” claims Meyong-oh (Kim Gun-woo), a drug dealer and one of the tormentors. But however much they try to downplay their actions, Dong-eun is still determined to take her revenge, and the stakes are set to get even higher.

The Glory, Part Two is set to drop on 10th March.

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