The Peripheral Is A Futuristic Thriller Coming To Amazon

By Rufus Punt | 20th October 2022

Amazon has had a pretty big year for new TV and film this year for all tastes, from Lena Dunham’s Catherine Called Birdy, to the remake series of A League of their Own, and of course the biggest of all, Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. Its new show The Peripheral is set to debut on 21st October, and is looking to join those lofty ranks.

Starring Chloë Grace Moretz, the show is set in the future, in a society altered by technology, and follows a woman who explores an alternate reality through a VR headset.

Moretz’ character, Flynne, lives in the year 2032 in a small rural American town in the Blue Ridge Mountains. With a sick mother to care for and bills to pay, Flynne and her brother Burton play through futuristic video game simulations for wealthy customers, exploring virtual worlds and beating tough levels for money. Burton is sent a new upcoming simulation still in development, and Flynne decides to try it for herself in the guise of Burton’s avatar, finding a strange, altered version of London decades into the future, in the year 2099.

T'Nia Miller, Amber Rose Revah

She’s tasked with breaking into a mysterious corporation called “The Research Institute”, and it’s there that she learns things aren’t as they seem. Her assignment goes badly wrong, and she realises she and her family are in grave danger. Some people in the year 2099 want to use Flynn to their advantage by gaining the information that she’s stolen. Others want her dead.

Back in the present day of 2032, Flynne and Burton have to protect themselves, with the help of Burton’s former military unit to defend against forces sent from the future in a Terminator style plot to alter the events of the future and reclaim Flynne’s secret discovery. Flynne also gets help in Future London from Wilf, a man who could be the key to unlocking the mysteries at hand.

Alexandra Billings (right)

The Peripheral has some serious talent attached- it was created and produced by acclaimed author and screenwriter Scott Smith, who was nominated for an Oscar for Adapted Screenplay for 1998’s A Simple Plan. It’s also executive producers by Johnathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, creators of Westworld. Meanwhile, starring alongside Mortez is Jack Reynor (Midsommar) as Burton, Gary Carr (Downton Abbey, Death in Paradise) as Wilf, Eli Goree (Ballers) as Conner, Charlotte Riley (Peaky Blinders) as Aelita, and Katie Leung (Harry Potter) as Ash. The show debuted in a world premiere at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles on 11th October, releasing on Amazon Prime on 21st October – and a second season is already in development.

The Peripheral releases on Amazon Video on 21st October

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