Apple TV’s The Supermodels Reunites Naomi, Linda, Christy & Cindy

By Rufus Punt | 20th September 2023
the supermodels

When it comes to fashion and modelling, perhaps no other time was as transformative for modern life as the 80s/90s period when Naomi Campbell , Linda Evangelista , Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford ruled the scene. It’s this premise that new Apple TV+ documentary. The Supermodels, is based around, as it delves into the careers of four women that changed the fashion world forever and remain important figures today.

Coming amidst a wave of fashion-based shows like last year’s explosive Victoria’s Secret doc and the upcoming Kaiser Karl series, The Supermodels lands on AppleTV+ today and might just be the most exciting yet.

What’s The Supermodels about?

The docuseries is set to be four parts long, as it recounts the story of the supermodels and their rise to superstardom. Taking us back to the 80s, we’ll see how each woman, who were already big names at the time, became synonymous not just with fashion but with each other.

As Apple’s synopsis states, “Four women from different corners of the world united in New York… Their prestige was so extraordinary that it enabled the four to supersede the brands they showcased, making the names Naomi, Cindy, Linda and Christy as prominent as the designers who styled them.” The Supermodels has the input and approval of its four subjects, and in the (very brief) teaser released by Apple, we get a brief glimpse of them in front of a blank white background as they prepare to tell all. “How do you define the word supermodel?” the interviewer asks- but for now, that question is left unanswered.

What else do we know?

The series won’t just cover the glamorous success that turned fashion on its head, though, with the four interviewees giving insight into some of the struggles and pressures of climbing to the top of the modelling world. First and foremost, it’s a story about perseverance and the forging of friendships that endure to this day. Cindy Crawford, in particular, highlighted that the series will “celebrate and examine the way supermodels transcended the traditional perceptions and limits of modelling in the fashion industry through time.”

As further noted by Apple, the supermodels remain committed to activism and philanthropy in fashion and beyond, and the series will touch on the industry and the women in it as it is today. The doc is being executive produced for Apple TV+ by Ron Howard and Brian Glazer.

When will it be released?

The Supermodels is now available to watch on Apple TV+.

Watch the trailer

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