The Handmaid’s Tale Season 6 might still be a while off, but its star Elizabeth Moss is starring in a brand new thriller series that should tide us over. The Veil, coming from FX later this year, sees Moss play a spy in MI6, trying to prevail in a deadly game of truth and lies spanning Europe from London to Istanbul.

The show is written by Peaky Blinders and Great Expectations writer Steven Knight . Here’s all to know so far:

What is The Veil about?

Our main character is Imogen Salter, a highly skilled agent within the ranks of MI6, who lives her entire life pretending to be other people, using different guises and identities in her missions. Her latest superspy test is her toughest yet: she’s assigned to go undercover in a refugee camp on the Turkish/Syrian border and helps Adilah (Yumna Marwan ) escape persecution.

Adilahh is a young woman accused of being a commander in ISIS, which she denies. Sympathetic to her side of the tale, Imogen smuggles her out, but as they head from Istanbul into Europe, Imogen quietly harbours suspicions of who Adilah really is. Meanwhile, they’re being tracked by both American and French spy agencies, and the bond between the two women grows more and more complex.

What else do we know?

With plenty of big bombastic spy shows on TV like The Night Agent and Citadel, The Veil looks to be more of a grounded, human-based drama and exploration of the morally grey world of espionage. Elizabeth Moss herself said that the role was a more challenging one than even June in The Handmaid’s Tale, balancing both emotional drama and high stakes with a dash of humour and fun.

Steven Knight, speaking to Vanity Fair, explained that the relationship between Imogen and Adilah, and the former’s scrutiny of the latter is what drives the series: “They’re hiding from each other…but they’re also hiding from the audience”.

Also starring in the series is Josh Charles , who plays Max, a member of the US intelligence agencies and something of a nemesis for Imogen throughout the series. Meanwhile, Dali Benssalah (Athena) plays Malik, who works in French intelligence and acts as a love interest for Imogen.

When does The Veil release?

The Veil is currently set to arrive in the US on Hulu on 30th April, though there’s no release date for the UK yet. Like most other Hulu shows, it’ll likely come to Disney+- but stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks.

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