This London Two-Bed Flat Comes With Its Own BUNKER!

1st September 2021

I didn’t used to put much stock in preparing for the zombie apocalypse, it’s always felt like there are more important priorities. But if there’s one thing the last year’s taught us it’s that you never can be too prepared. And whoever buys this house probably agrees…

A Clerkenwell flat has just come onto the market that has all the mod-cons. Two double bedrooms, fully fitted kitchen, terrace garden, nuclear bunker, integrated appliances – wait, what was that? Integrated appliances? No, go back. Terrace garden? No, after that. Ah, yes, that’s just the bomb shelter.

New to the market this week, the £800,000 property caught our eye. In London space is generally at a premium, and at first glance it would appear from the smallish rooms in the Clerkenwell flat, that London playing out true to form. Then a chance door on the terrace reveals something more at home in the back ‘yard’ of a Utah ‘prepper’.

Then a chance door on the terrace reveals something more at home in the back 'yard' of a Utah 'prepper'...

Down a corridor lie blast-proof doors that give way to a 1,600 sq ft bunker, which comes with the 500 sq ft flat.

Which, of course, raises questions. Like what is it doing there?

The converted block of flats, a short walk from Angel Tube station, used to be a laboratory for the Metropolitan Water Board and as such required its own bomb shelter during The Blitz.

When the 1930s Art Deco building was converted into flats post-war, the shelter was simply demised to the the ground floor flat.

But realistically, it's probably going to be an illegal cannabis factory...

The enormous bunker is comprised of two tunnels, which lie beneath the communal rose gardens above. And the main constraints on their use are the bounds of your imagination.

But realistically, it’s probably going to be an illegal cannabis factory, am I right?

The potential buyer will have the entirety of their bunker included in their leasehold. It’s fully ventilated, heated and connected to the mains.

You get your chequebook, I'll get some fertiliser...

It’s also £800,000, which is pretty toppy for a very small two-bed. For comparison, a flat in the same complex (without a bunker) comes in at the same price for twice the flat’s square footage. Which means you’re definitely paying a premium for the bunker.

Which is fine. Because you’ll have an actual bunker in your house. Which is amazing. You get your chequebook, I’ll get some fertiliser…

The property is listed on Zoopla…

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