The ice rink at the Natural History Museum has taken the term ‘get your skates on’ a little too literally this year, because it’s decided to leave! This winter is scheduled to the the final hurrah for what has become a London institution.

Farmers can tell the changing season by the swallows flying south, the colour of the barley, the familiar hoot of an owl on heat. Without the cues of mother nature, Londoners have evolved our own set of seasonal indicators. Like the Oktoberfest rush for lederhosen, the whizz bang of Guy Fawkes and the joy of ice skating at London’s myriad outdoor rinks. Chief among them being the one at the front of the Natural History Museum.

Tickets are now on sale for the annual event, which runs from October 22nd to January 16th, and will also see the return of the 30ft Christmas tree centre point and, equally importantly, the Café Bar which will return with its winter warmers, from snacks to hot toddies and, of course, Prosecco!

It's as romantic as it is iconic,

It’s as romantic as it is iconic, a must for a winter’s evening followed by dinner in central London. Every winter date starts here. Or should.

Until next year, when it will no longer be with us!

Although the reason might be quite exciting. Because the space is being transformed into a biologically diverse green area. Dubbed the Urban Nature Project, the area (the East Garden) will tell the story of life on earth, showing visitors the evolution of earth and going back to our earliest fishy ancestors.

Until next year, when it will no longer be with us!

And who knows, maybe the obligatory skate rink experience will be replaced by the garden as first date fodder too, reptile spotting in South Kensington?

If not then there are no shortage of outdoor rinks, not least at nearby Winter Wonderland which opens this Autumn.

Book tickets for this year’s Natural History Ice Rink here…

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