The Pelham is an elegant luxury boutique hotel combining modern style and classic home comfort. Decorated with bright colourful designs, it inspires guests’ stays with its eclectic personality while the team’s impeccable service adds a bespoke dimension to luxury living. Just a stone’s throw away from internationally famous museums such as the Natural History, the Science or the Victoria & Albert Museum, The Pelham hotel identifies the ultimate destination for contemporary eccentric explorers and intriguing travellers.


You might not know but..

The hotel’s interiors were designed by Kit Kemp. After the acquisition by Starhotels in 2014 many elements were renovated, but the hotel maintained the same overall aesthetic. Bright interiors blend contemporary with antique, creating a peaceful atmosphere with bright pops of colour on furnishings.

3 things to try when you’re there

  • The genuine Italian cuisine at La Trattoria by Alfredo Russo restaurant
  • The traditional Cream Tea in the library or in the drawing room pairing it with a glass of Ferrari Italian sparkling wine
  • A picture walking on the rainbow carpet in the Gallery events room