With lockdown easing and restaurants finally opening it’s time to start getting all dressed up again – whipping out all of those gorgeous summery dresses, big floaty hats and start enjoying the warmer sunny days.

Former fashion editor turned fashion blogger, Erica Davies, has over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry and has built a close-knit community of followers on Instagram where she shares her incredible fashion and interiors expertise. Erica sure knows the dos and don’ts in fashion and is just one of those people you cannot help but warm to!

We chatted to Erica to talk everything from her career path to her top style tips heading into the summer. Here is what she had to say…


When did you realise you wanted to pursue a career in fashion and become a fashion editor and stylist?

I wanted to be a journalist from the age of nine and the fashion thing came later. I was always a huge fan of magazines – I used to spend all my babysitting earnings on fashion mags and clothes! At university I started to write to lots of magazines asking for work experience as I thought that would be the best way of getting involved! My first placement was at a BBC morning show called Style Challenge, then I moved on to newspapers and magazines.

Dress to make yourself happy, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks...

What are your top 5 style tips?

  • Dress to make yourself happy, don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.
  • If in doubt, go up a size. No one will see the label, who cares anyway and slightly loose will always look better than too tight!
  • If you’re looking to boost your confidence with clothes, start off small. Look for a print or a colour that you love and start there. Don’t worry about the whole look, just focus on a small part of it.
  • If you’re wearing the outfit but feel it’s wearing you, change your outfit. It should always be you in charge – not your outfit!
  • Don’t hold onto ‘style rules’ you were told as a child. Create your own rules.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m a very happy dressing for the summer – I love dresses, sandals, anything bohemian, embroidered or colourful! In the winter my personal style is a bit more ‘uniform,’ so wide leg trousers, crew neck jumpers and a good coat!

What are your top five wardrobe essentials?

Wide leg trousers, grey crew neck slouchy cashmere jumper, white leather trainers, a throw-on dress and a red lipstick.

Wardrobe essentials: Wide leg trousers, grey crew neck slouchy cashmere jumper, white leather trainers, a throw-on dress and a red lipstick.

What are your go to brands for summer dresses?

Seraphina London, Naked Generation, Pink City Prints, Little Tienda, Kemi Telford, AND/OR at John Lewis

What are some of your favourite fashion brands?

On the high street I really like Arket, often find things in Zara and H&M, but also love smaller independent brands including & Daughter, NavyGrey and I love vintage.

We also love following your gorgeous home revamp, do you have any top interior design tips to share?

Thank you! I think it’s important to let your home reflect who you are – and that usually takes a bit of time. I love coming across pieces gradually, rather than going to one place and getting everything there and then. A bit like my advice for building confidence with clothes, when it comes to decorating, start off small – so maybe a cushion has colours or a print you love. Or you have seen a rug that you adore and can build a room around.

Where are your favourite place to dine out in London?

I haven’t eaten out in so long I have forgotten! I love Soho House Greek street, Andrew Edmunds, Naughty Piglets, Percy & Founders, Charlotte Street Hotel, J Sheekeys, Dean Street Townhouse and places like Franca Manca for easy nights out with friends!

What is the best piece of advice you could give to stylist starting out in industry?

It takes time! Be prepared to work hard and be nice to people – but also have your own social media portfolio to share what you can do!

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