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You know her name, you know her message and now you’ve got a front row seat to learn all about her story.

Greta Thunberg has taken the world by storm with her politically charged environmental activism, and now you can watch all of her dedication and inspiring work come to life on the big screen in a brand new documentary film, I Am Greta.

At the young age of 15, Thunberg took to the streets, standing outside the Swedish parliament, with placards reading ‘Skolstrejk för klimatet’ – School strike for climate – in the hope to call for action on the devastating effects of climate change and how political figures begin tackling the subject. 

This determination for change sparked political protests across the world, with young school children marching for their voices to be heard and taken seriously. Fast forward two years and she’s become the youngest climate and environmental activist to speak to world leaders, criticising for their failure to address the issues of climate change, and I Am Greta documents this journey, from one school girl protesting in front of the parliament to a radical demand for change.

Hitting UK cinemas from 16th October, I Am Greta follows the Swedish environmental figure on her global movement on the climate crisis. Directed by Nathan Grossman, it’s our chance to become a fly on the wall in her process, and understand how she became such a powerful political figure of change overnight. 

Throughout watching the documentary film, you’ll see just how dedicated, determined and passionate Thunberg is about environmental issues. Grossman began filming from the instant, before she was famous and instantly recognisable so it’s really interesting to see how much she’s grown and evolved, and a glimpse into her backstory too. 

Despite the use of a little home recorded footage, the documentary doesn’t touch particularly on her family life, with only a short clip from her father. Regardless, it’s deeply heartwarming and hopes to open up audiences’ eyes to the effects of climate change and the ever apparent need for change. 

I Am Greta hits UK cinemas 16th October 2020

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