Eco Edit August: From The Anya Hindmarch Supermarket Bag To A Divine Smelling Sustainable Deodorant

By Astrid Carter | 8th August 2023
anya hindmarch supermarket bag

August’s Eco Edit has dropped, bringing The Handbook readers the latest launches and finds from innovative, curious and consciously minded sustainable brands. This month sees the return of the iconic Anya Hindmarch supermarket bag, a US deodorant brand we’ve been waiting to launch in the UK, stunning recycled stripes from an independent London-based interiors brand and much more…

Sustainable Knitwear From HERD


With a fully traceable field-to-customer process, British brand HERD is one of the most eco-conscious knitwear brands we’ve come across. Their mission is to ensure their products travel no more than 300 miles from field to knit, only using the highest quality 100% Bluefaced Leicester breed sheep fleece, that is made within a 150-mile radius of the farms they use.

In addition to that they only use organic detergents and natural plant dyes to colour their yarn. They are also mindful of waste with byproducts from the process being sold to create lanolin balms, cosmetics and even the stuffing for inside teddy bears.

The pieces are beautiful too – think knitwear to be cherished and worn for years to come, from chunky oversized cardigans to pair with winter floral dresses and knee-high boots or cute tank tops to layer over T-shirts and striped shirts for a retro feel.

HERD has already won over the likes of Helena Bonham-Carter and Savannah Miller, who have been spotted in the brand. If you’re after a more sustainable approach to shopping investment, capsule knitwear, you heard it here first.

shop the full collection at

The Anya Hindmarch Supermarket Bag Returns

Anay Hindermarch

If you missed out on the last run of Anya’s iconic supermarket totes back in February, you’ll be pleased to hear they have returned.

The Universal Bag is quite possibly the ultimate reusable bag – durable, reusable, 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and designed by the trailblazer of stylish bags for life, Anya Hindmarch herself.

Choose from a classic nay design or a zesty tangerine colourway, both emblazoned with Hindmarch’s signature googly eyes motif. Pick one up in your local Tesco, Waitrose, Asda or Co-Op from 24th July or in Morrisons from mid-September.


Conscious Clothing From Ninety Percent

Ninety Percent

There are many ethical and sustainable brands that we admire in the UK but this one literally stopped us in our tracks. British womenswear brand, Ninety Percent, gets its name from a deeply rooted mindset that promises to share 90% of the company’s profits with causes they care about.

Founded by friends Para Hamilton and Shafiq Hassan in 2018, each year Ninety Percent distributes profits between the people who make their clothes and five charities close to their hearts, those being Wild Aid, Big Life Foundation, War Child UK, BRAC and Children’s Hope.

‌Naturally, for a company that cares so deeply about the world we live in and the impact we all have on it, they have a dedication to working sustainably too. When designing and making their collections, they prioritise quality, low-impact, vegan and certified organic materials, alongside the craftsmanship and the well-being of their workers. They also have a repair and tailoring service they work alongside to ensure customers get clothes that are going to work hard for them, be worn with love, and above all, last.

Quiet luxury clothing sculpted by hand, cut in the finest sustainable materials, selected to have the lowest impact on our environment.

As for the clothes themselves, Ninety Percent offers a stunning, impeccably cut collection of capsule pieces. From sumptuous soft knitwear to wear-forever shirt dresses and, quite possibly, the best-oversized T-shirt fit we’ve ever seen. The colour palettes are wearable and interchangeable with any existing wardrobe, think sooty charcoal, warm mushrooms and earthy driftwood.

If there was ever a label that exuded “quiet luxury” this is it.


Lease Your Jeans With MUD

It is thought that the average UK woman owns seven pairs of jeans, but how many of them are we actually wearing? Denim production is one of the biggest culprits in adding to co2 emissions in the whole of the fashion industry, using 7000 litres of water and nasty chemicals to create just one pair. Despite this, we are lapping them up, with over 1 billion pairs being sold every year.

‌So, if you are in the market (and we should all be) for finding denim with a more conscious ethos behind it, it’s time to check out MUD.

‌Turning the denim market on its head, MUD is a fully circular fashion brand, that encourages you to lease your jeans rather than buy them. So, what does that actually mean? Well, choose your shape of choice – skinny, loose, flared or straight – the wash you want and pay €9,95 per month to lease the pair.

After 12 months those payments will stop and you outright own the. You can then send them back to be 100% recycled into another pair of MUD jeans for someone else. You can also buy a pair off the bat if you love them, safe in the knowledge that they are reasonably priced at under €100, made using only natural organic materials and recycled cotton, as well as 6,607 litres less of water than typical brands.


Recycled Stripes With Colours of Arley

Colours of Arley

It is no secret we love striped interiors here at The Handbook so when an Instagram scroll delivered us this gorgeous brand, we were nothing short of thrilled.

Hackney-based, independent brand Colours of Arley does one thing and one thing well. They take beautiful joy-inducing recycled striped fabrics and make them into colour-popping soft furnishings. Think rainbow-used Humbug style cushions, charming lampshades or statement curtains and blinds that will bring a whole new mood to a space.

Founded by Louisa Tratalo, the brand recently collaborated with fashion brand RIXO to create bespoke dressing room curtains for their interior dream of a flagship store on King’s Road. You can have your own slice of Arley in your own home with their made-to-measure service. The ruffle statement cushions are currently top of our interior wish list.


Game-Changing Natural Deodorant

Salt and Stone

Founded in LA but finally available in the UK, Salt & Stone is a game-changer if you’re after a deodorant that is not only kinder on your own skin but to the planet too.

‌The brand is the brainchild of ex-pro snowboarder Nima Jalali, who naturally has a deep understanding and care for the elements and the effects they have on the skin and body. With this passion, he built Salt & Stone, a wellbeing brand that blends powerful antioxidant and nutrient-rich ingredients found in the sea and mountains and makes them into nurturing products that help to protect, cleanse, support and recover.

‌The range comprises everything from shower gels to candles but it is the deodorant sticks that have really won us over. Because, damn, do they smell good? Not only will they keep you sweat-free and confident, but we can attest that you’ll get the odd, “ooh what’s that you’re wearing?” comment. Choose from beautiful scents like Santal & Vetiver, Black Rose & Oud or Bergamot & Hinoki.


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