If you’ve loved Apple TV+’s recent hits Masters of the Air and Slow Horses, then look to the horizon for their next thrilling TV offering this year: historical thriller Manhunt.

Arriving on the service this month, Manhunt will dive into one of the most turbulent times in American history: the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. It’s common knowledge that the Civil War president was shot and killed in a theatre, but Apple’s new series blends fact-based historical fiction with a non-stop conspiracy thriller plot following the hunt for the perpetrator as it unfolds.

What is Manhunt about?

As TV dramas go, Apple’s new series certainly sounds lofty in scale: with much of the nation reeling and mourning following the death of their leader, Lincoln’s close friend and the country’s secretary of war Edwin Stanton (played by Tobias Menzies , who you’ll know from The Crown seasons 3 and 4 as Prince Phillip) begins to form an investigation to track down the now infamous John Wilkes Booth (played by Masters of the Air star Anthony Boyle ). Of course, this is no small task. It’s a race against time to find him and apprehend him before Booth can make a permanent escape from the authorities.

The series takes its narrative from the bestselling book Manhunt by James L Swanson, which details the true story of the investigation and the series will focus on how the ever-expanding search and growing network of conspiracies drags Edwin further and further into a case that will consume him.


What else do we know?

As he becomes more and more intent on finding the man who shot his friend and leader, questions arise about Edwin’s sanity, and whether the truth will ever be uncovered and the killer found. Not only that, but he and his team must fight to preserve the ideas that Lincoln had envisioned to reconstruct a fractured country. The sizeable story means that the miniseries will span seven episodes, with the rest of the cast including Matt Walsh (Veep), Brandon Flynn (13 Reasons Why), Betty Gabriel (Jack Ryan), Damian O’Hare (1923), and Patton Oswalt (The Sandman). Hamish Linklater (Midnight Mass) will play the doomed president, with Lili Taylor (Almost Human) as his wife Mary.

Is there a release date?

Manhunt debuted its first two episodes on 15th March on Apple TV+, with the rest following weekly. 

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