10 Podcasts To Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals This Year

Fitness Podcasts

Let’s face it, not everyone can be that one person who looks forward to going to the gym at 5 a.m. before work. While we try our best to stay motivated, who can blame us for not feeling like going on a run before the sun goes up or for wanting to don our latest activewear just to the supermarket. A little extra help from the best fitness podcasts is the perfect way to stay motivated even as you feel like you want to curl up in bed.

Remembering why you made those goals in the first place will keep you trekking out for an evening run with more pep in your step. In need of some help? Check out the best fitness influencers to follow for more inspo.

The best fitness podcasts to help you achieve your goals

The EC Method - fitness podcasts

The EC Method

Emma Gordon is a Scottish fitness mentor, educator, and coach. She provides tips on how to build muscle, lose weight, improve your relationship with food, or simply reach any goal you have set.

Her podcast is branched off of her work as a mentor and educator by providing people with realistic tips to reach that will help you feel happy and fulfilled.

Diet Starts Tomorrow

One of the most popular and best fitness podcasts worldwide, this show is all about providing realistic wellness tips from real people. In a world where “wellness” has become so confusing and muddled, this podcast looks at the psychological and emotional side of well-being as a whole. They address how to stay healthy while also having fun and socialising on the weekends when your friends are forcing you to binge drink. This podcast is not from experts or doctors who make well-being and fitness sound easier than it is. It is hosted by real people who know and have lived through the same issues you are facing.

RunPod - fitness podcasts


RunPod is one of the best fitness podcasts for all runners or aspiring marathoners. If you do not want to invest in a gym membership and want to improve your fitness in a relatively inexpensive way, running might be for you. Of course, you probably will not be training for a marathon but this podcast is for all levels whether you have been running for 2 minutes or 2 years. The guests on this show are so passionate about running that you might feel obligated to see what the hype is about. Hear top training tips, mistakes to avoid, and inspirational stories.

The Unf*ck Your Fitness Podcast

If you have tried all of the quick-fix diets and health trends influencers swear by and have yet to see results? Well then, Kristy Castillo’s podcast is the place for you. No more diet cycles, no more pushing off your gym days, no more looking grim when stepping on the scale. This podcast will show you how to be  confident of the body you have and how to build the body you want. No more dreading the process of getting healthy, as Kristy emphasizes the importance of fueling your body and shifting your mindset. Kristy has hit her goals while juggling marriage, kids, and a business so we trust that she will help you to do the same.

The Model Health Show - fitness podcasts

The Model Health Show Podcast

The Model Health Show podcast is one of the best fitness podcasts out there, truly beloved by many due to its insightful and research-heavy information about food and fitness. They argue that to become the very best version of yourself you need to maximise two important assets: your body and your mind. No goal is unattainable and they are very inclusive with their content. They have interviews with experts on various diets such as the keto diet and a plant-based diet. You can listen to a variety of people in the health world and decide what is right for you.

Girl Fit Method Podcast - fitness podcasts

Girl Fit Method Podcast

Hosted by fitness and nutrition coach, Natasha Wakefield reveals all of the biggest fitness industry secrets and tips on how to up your fitness, nutrition and mindset more easily.

Look forward to diving into topics such as why workouts aren’t changing your body; physical benefits of lifting weights; and the six-week body makeover mindset.

The Food Medic Podcast - fitness podcasts

The Food Medic

The Food Medic is an educational platform and media group focused on bridging the gap between traditional medical advice and the latest trends and developments in nutrition. It is hosted by medical doctor and personal trainer Dr. Hazel Wallace, who brings guests that are experts in the field. These experts share advice on how we can live healthier lives and cut through the confusing information we find online. If you do not know where to start on your fitness journey, listen to this podcast and learn about common medical myths and facts.

Fun and Gains

Want to build some muscle mass and confidence this year? Brittany Lupton’s Fun and Gains podcast will teach you how to fuel your body, develop a love for sweaty workouts, and create a strong and sturdy mentality for health and fitness. Listen to episodes as she explains key fitness terms, good habits to have, as well as some gym confessions from listeners. The Fun and Gains podcast is a weekly reminder that you are not alone on your fitness journey. Brittany not only helps us to understand what fitness is, but she also curates our motivation to keep going. Let the gains begin.

Fitness podcast archives to delve into

Healthy Podcast

Healthy Podcast

The name speaks for itself. This podcast is all about health, wellness, and achieving your fitness goals. Made by The Health Magazine, every episode focuses on a different topic whether it be making time for self-care, achieving those fitness goals you have had forever, or learning how to manage your diet. Most episodes feature a conversation with an expert so it is not just random people making guesses about your health. Hear from the best and feel motivated to get back to the gym or put those running shoes on.

Goaling For Goal - fitness podcasts

Going For Goal

If you just need a quick reminder as you commute to your local gym why the heck you are working out, pop on this podcast and feel motivated. With episodes averaging about 22 minutes in length, you do not have to commit a whole hour lunch break to this podcast. This podcast is all about building healthy habits and making them last. You will find tips on everything from losing weight in a healthy way to optimising your workout schedule.

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