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If there’s one actress Netflix can’t get enough of, it’s Millie Bobbie Brown. Not only does she play Eleven in the wildly successful Stranger Things, she’s also the lead in both Enola Holmes and last year’s sequel. It’s no surprise then that she’ll also be front and centre of one of their biggest original films set for 2023, the fantasy blockbuster Damsel, which is set to release in October.

Damsel was one of a slew of Netflix original films teased last week, alongside projects like Jennifer Lopez’s spy drama The Mother. The titular damsel is played by Bobby Brown, though it doesn’t seem she’ll be damsel in distress- protagonist Elodie is thrown into a cave, and must survive both its depths and a large fire-breathing dragon. 

She ends up there after being told that she’s to marry a handsome Prince named Henry, only to be betrayed by a villainous royal family. It’s a twist on the classic tale of a prince saving a princess from a tower and dragon tale, and Netflix is banking on it spinning into viewership gold.


The film is set to be directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Days Later) and has assembled an impressive cast to star alongside the Stranger Things star. Golden Globe winner Angela Bassett features as Elodie’s stepmother Lady Bayford and Emmy winners Ray Winstone and Robin Wright as The King and The Queen. Nicholas Robinson, who starred in Netflix’s Maid, stars as the dashing Prince Henry.

 Alongside the film’s announcement, Netflix tweeted a synopsis for the film: “After being sacrificed to a bloodthirsty dragon, a young damsel soon realises that no one is coming and that she must save herself.”


There have only been a few teaser images of the film released, with no trailer yet- though you can expect plenty more information in the months ahead of its 13th October release date. Meanwhile, you can see what other movies are out this year in our best of 2023 guide.


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