Regular readers will know exactly how to float our collective boat. Firstly, anything on a rooftop is a must. Add in a terrace, and you’re double-ticked. And a cinema? We’ve died and gone to click-bait heaven. Thank you Holmes Hotel in Marylebone.

This winter the terrace at Marylebone’s Kitchen at Holmes is raising the stakes. Or, more accurately, the Black Ink Cuttlefish, with their Christmassy pop-up cinema. If you’re a sucker for half-decent fodder and a flick then this is the place.

About as far from a multiplex as you can possibly get...

The terrace, a stone’s throw away from Baker Street station, sits atop the Holmes Hotel and is about as far from a multiplex as you can possibly get (not physically, there’s that one at the end of Tottenham Court Road, I think, but spiritually). For a start it’s open to the stars (or the orange cloud, coz Central London).

What’s more, you’ll be sat in the lap of luxury, in a cushiony booth wrapped in a fur throw amid a ‘Narnia-esque’ aesthetic with fairy-lights, wreathes and artificial snow (until it actually snows, at least).

The films on offer cover all the main Christmassy bases, you’ve got your Elfs and your Christmas Carols, there’s Home Alone and Love Actually and so on.

The nightly event bills itself as ‘more than just a movie night’ is paired with a seasonal winter tasting menu (it comes with a complimentary glass of Perrier Jouet Grand Brut (call me a cynic but I’m guessing it’s not really free, but it’s built into the £65 meal price – but nice nevertheless).

The nightly event bills itself as 'more than just a movie night'...

The dinner, from Kitchen at Holmes Head Chef Stefano Motta, includes Smoked Burrata, Black Ink Cuttlefish Croquettes, Grilled Octopus, Lomo Iberico and Grilled Lamb Kofta! Eaten in the restaurant, and finished off with a White Chocolate and Lemon Panna Cotta desserts, or a Pistachio and Raspberry Ice Cream and Sorbet, before heading outdoors for the main event – the film.

Which you can eat as you munch down on their ‘special popcorn’.

It’s the ultimate Christmassy movie night, at least until we put together a listicle of brilliant alternatives.

Catch a screening by clicking here…

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