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Move over gin in a tin, we’ve found a new drinks craze that’s making a beeline for this summer’s lazy weekend BBQs and picnics at the park. 

Canned hard seltzer is all of the rage right now and we have the US to thank for this new drinks craze. The craze has flown the nest and has recently arrived here in the UK. If you’re wondering what on earth it is, seltzer itself is essentially fizzy water, but hard seltzer is when the fizzy stuff has been infused and blended with natural fruit extracts and alcohol. The result? A refreshing, light and low-calorific drink that’ll shake up your usual go-to vodka, lime and soda.

Intrigued? Here are ten of our favourites to check out for yourself.


If you’re on the lookout for the purest and most sustainable seltzer on the market, Served is the brand for you. Founded by brothers Dean and Ryan, Served is a low-ABV and low calorie sparkling beverage that uses only sustainably sourced fruits that would have otherwise been thrown away. These fruits are infused then into the ServedPure spirit and British sparkling water, and the result is honestly great!

It’s a great alternative for those on the lookout for something light, refreshing and low on calories this summer. Plus it’s fully plant-based too, bonus.

Available at: Selfridges or


NATRL is a lightly alcoholic drink that uses simple ingredients to give you a refreshing taste. Made using fermented sugar beet alcohol (it’s similar to sugar cane), sparkling water and natural fruit flavourings, the drink is light, fresh and a healthy alternative to your usual rum and coke. Choose from refreshing lemon and lime, or go summery with their peach and raspberry flavour. 

Also, they’ve made it their mission to give back to the planet so for every can bought NATRL donates five percent of their profits to help projects like ocean clean-ups and reforestation programmes.

Available at:

Bodega Bay

With summer being the season of elderflower infused drinks, Bodega Bay is the perfect tipple for those on the lookout for a healthier alternative to the sugary, non-alcoholic elderflower drinks we’ve all grown sick of. Made using three simple ingredients, the canned bev is low in sugar, using natural fruit extracts making every sip just as enjoyable as the next. Their other flavour, ginger and acai, is also delicious if you’re looking to get some added nutrition in your alcoholic drinks…

Also another bonus to the drink is that the company have pledged to donate 1% of all their sales to the Thirst Project which brings clean drinking water to people in need across 13 countries worldwide.

Available at:


Helping to bring the seltzer trend across the pond is DRTY, the zero-carb canned seltzer drink. The drink is made by fermentation of fruit extracts with high attenuation yeast, which helps to eliminate the sugar and carbohydrate content produced. 

For those on the search for a healthier alternative to their usual rosé, give their raspberry rosé flavour a try. It’s super refreshing, low in calories and will leave you wanting more.

Available at: Whole Foods, Ocado, Eat 17, Amazon &

White Claw 

Looking to rival your typical canned cocktails is White Claw, the American canned seltzer that you’ve probably seen your favourite Hollywood celeb or influencer holding in photos. The drink has recently landed here in the UK bringing with it another craze  for millennial Brits to snap right up. 

Available to buy at Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s, White Claw comes in three delicious flavours: black cherry, natural lime and raspberry, and comes in fairly low at just 90 calories per can.

Available at: Tesco, Morrisons & Sainsbury’s

Chase’s Gin Seltzer

Chase Distillery have become nationally renowned for their gin and they’ve just broadened their range to canned gin seltzer. Their range is made up of three delicious flavours – seville orange, pink grapefruit & pomelo and London dry & lemon. It’s a great drink for those who want to mix up their usual G&T but don’t want to sacrifice on the flavour front. 

Pretty packaging paired with delicious flavour make this the drink of the summer.


If you’re a sucker for an Aperol spritz come summer time or can’t get enough of your vodka, fresh lime and sodas, Balans is the hard seltzer canned alternative to become obsessed with this summer. Available in mandarin and lime, the canned tipple is an additive and artificial flavour free zone. The alcohol content is made from apples which have been fermented and filtered out, and is completely gluten free and vegan friendly.

Available at: it’s likely stocked at your local supermarket, check here

Kopparberg Hard Seltzer

Renowned for their fruity summer ciders, Kopparberg have just launched a brand new range and it seems they’ve got hard seltzer on their mind.

Unlike many seltzer drinks, Kopparberg’s focus was to produce a flavour punch and their tempting flavours are anything but boring. If you’re a lover of their cider range but fancy something a little lighter, try one of their fruity flavours. The range comes in black cherry, mixed berries (a classic Kopparberg taste) and passionfruit. Delicious.

Available at: Tesco & Morrisons

Two Brooks

Home to adorable packaging and entirely natural ingredients, London based drinks brand Two Brooks is here to shake up your summer drinking regime. We love their healthy take on the classic passionfruit tipple, with a mix of fruit spirit, sparkling water and natural flavours. 

If you buy online now, you’ll be able to get 20% off using the code: otter20.

Available at:

Clean & Press Hard Seltzer 

It’s not like BrewDog to miss out on an opportunity to create something new and they’ve achieved just so with their new hard seltzer, Clean & Press. 

Created using quality craft vodka distilled at their brewery, their take on the canned seltzer is bursting full of fruity flavours. Order their bundle package and try their three tempting flavours – cactus & lime, crushed black cherry and white peach & mango. Delicious. 

Available at: