If your New Year’s resolution included ‘eat healthier in 2024’, you wouldn’t be alone. Millions of others have also vowed to enter 2024 with an end goal of being healthier, whether that’s getting out and moving a little more or swapping out dairy for healthier plant-based alternatives. For those of you on the search for healthier food options but don’t have the time to spend four hours slaving in front of the stove, we’re here to help you with some of the best healthy food delivery brands out there. 

We’ve rounded up the best ready-meals on the market that aren’t the terrible additives-ridden, stodgy gloops of yesteryear but are made with top-quality ingredients. We’ve edited out our favourites, from nutritionally-packed plant-based options to microwave dishes you could pass off as your own at your next dinner party.

Best healthy food delivery brands to try now

1. Detox Kitchen

Determined to provide individuals with healthy, seasonal, and delicious meals is Detox Kitchen. Perhaps one of the most sustainable and forward-thinking online meal planners, Detox Kitchen works with you to develop a meal plan to suit your needs. All you’ll have to do is simply heat up the meals prepared by their trained chefs.  

The meals are primarily plant-based and 100% dairy-free, which is great for those looking to reduce their meat and fish consumption. They’re also 100% wheat-free and free from refined sugars. All in all, the meals are packed with incredibly nutritious ingredients and will help you maintain your health and wellness goals for 2024. 


2. Planty

For those tackling Veganuary this month, Planty will help elevate your meals to the max. Their ready-meal program is really simple to use, all you need to do is choose either six-, eight- or ten- healthy plant-based meals and they’ll be delivered straight to your door with very little hassle. 

You’ll be able to pick and choose your favourite flavours, all of which have been crafted by nutritionists and chefs to create well-balanced meals full of fresh veggies, proteins, and fibers. Right now they have 20% off your first box too using the code GOPLANTs.


3. Foodhak

With the mantra ‘food as medicine’, Foodhak hits the spot if you are looking for healthy meal plans that satisfy adventurous tastebuds.

Centred on a plant-based Ayurvedic diet, dishes are freshly prepared, anti-inflammatory, plant-based, and gluten-free. The incredible thing (given all these criteria) is that they are also incredibly and satisfyingly delicious.

Food arrives fully prepared so meals are super easy to incorporate into daily life and preset plans come complete with all accompanying snacks. This is a food delivery service that leaves your body feeling both nurtured AND full up.

Receive 25% off your first four subscription boxes with code FOODHAK25.


4. Balance Box

Designed with your individual goals and needs in mind, Balance Box is dedicated to helping you regain your balance. Their team of expert nutritionists and chefs will work with you to help you achieve your goals, all the while taking the hassle out of cooking. 

Each box is packed with everything you need for a healthy day of munching, and you can choose a plan to fit your dietary needs, so if you’re tackling Veganuary right now, it’s no problem. All of the meals and snacks are individually packaged and have simple instructions so you can enjoy your meal in no time.


5. Kurami

If you thought ready meals were made up of artificial flavourings, heaps of salt, and bad fats, you haven’t met Kurami.

Launched in March 2020 by Camilla Pigozzi Garofalo, the easy midweek meals came at the perfect time for lockdowners unfamiliar with their kitchens and they will genuinely make you feel like you have an at-home A-list chef on your hands.

Their USP is that not only do they look at the vision of health – a rainbow of veggies and fresh produce – but the meals are curated to improve gut health and overall wellbeing.

The brand has formulated three- and five-day ‘meal paths’ that give you a fuss-free way to recharge and re-balance your eating, but you can also buy the ready-meals individually. We rate the Rainbow Falafels and the Mexican Rice box. 


6. Charlie Bigham’s

The Waitrose of ready-meals, these bad boys are your golden ticket to a no-fuss, midweek dinner (or cheat your way to a dinner party, we won’t tell) that feels a bit posh.

Not so much on the healthy side but they’re too irresistible not to mention and are great for days when you need a little indulgence. We love their flakey pastry pies and their oozy lasagnas – just don’t count on them being anywhere near healthy.

Founded back in 1996 when the rest of ready-meals were pretty dire, Charlie’s has paved the way for oven-easy that use good quality ingredients and homely dishes you’d like to cook but don’t have the time or the culinary prowess.

The brand was founded by a chap called Charlie and he remains part of the brand, with a range that now expands the likes of British classics, Thai curries, and Moroccan stews.

We can hanker a guess he puts on a mean dinner party, too.

Available to buy online and in-store at Waitrose

7. Meal Prep Market

Merging the skill of Michelin-trained cooking with easy-to-make ready-meals and a bounty of nutritional value, Love Yourself offers a range of menus from gluten-free, dairy-free, halal, balanced, performance, keto, and many more. So whatever your lifestyle, there’s something that will fit.

Plus, if you’re someone who likes to track their health and wellness on their phone, all of these menus can sync with the MyFitness App, meaning you can keep on top of calories and maintain your goals.

The dishes range from healthy chorizo-spiced, cheddar, and coconut pizza to courgette with soft ricotta, fresh peas, and mint, plus breakfasts, lunch, and snacks. They are all cooked and delivered daily, locally sourced and seasonal, and can be heated up in the microwave. Simple.

Buy online at mealprepmarket.co.uk

8. Fitness Fresh Food 

Bad at time management? Or, simply just don’t have the energy to cook up a storm after a long slog WFH? Forget slinging in a cheap ready-meal from your local superstore that’ll no doubt leave you feeling groggy and swap to Fresh Fitness Food, the personalised meal plan service helping you stay on track with your fitness goals. 

Fresh Fitness Food helps you take back control, no longer will you have to slave away in front of the stove because they’ll deliver meals right to your doorstep, all personalised to fit you and your tastes. Alongside this, you’ll be assigned a dedicated nutritionist to help you stay on track. It’s been designed with the busy Londoner in mind.



Think of these as the Jamie Oliver of ready meals – easy enough to make yourself but you probably can’t be bothered.

The frozen meal selection is said to be made for people who love to cook but deserve a night off and they are seriously delicious. The range is vast, from tarragon and lemon chicken to veggie pies and drunken noodles with king prawns.

They even do canapes perfect for big bashes, Christmas or your first post-lockdown dinner party.

Order online at cookfood.net

10. AllPlants

East London foodie, writer, and TV presenter Laura Jackson is already a fan of these, and when it comes to food we trust her judgement.

AllPlants prides itself on creating super tasty and 100% plant-based meals cooked by chefs and delivered straight to your door. Plus, each meal accounts for at least two of your five-a-day quota, meaning you know you’re getting the good stuff in.

Even if you aren’t a full-time vegan, they are a great way to explore a more plant-based lifestyle and keep your health a little more in check.

Dishes range from the indulgent Mac + Greens to a rainbow-hued Burrito Bowl.

Order a First Start Bundle, starting from £32.32
Order online at allplants.com

11. Mindful Chef 

Discover the UK’s #1 rated recipe box with award-winning ingredients delivered right to your door. Mindful Chef has something for everyone with over  20 delicious recipes to choose from each week.

How does the subscription work? First, load your box with up to 5 tasty recipes a week (or as often as you like). Next, schedule a delivery made from pre-portioned, ethically sourced meals. Last, enjoy easy-to-follow recipes that are served on the table in as little as 15 mins.

Subscribe to their fully flexible subscription today and enjoy healthy eating.


12. My Local Kitchen

Looking for something a bit more boujee for dinner? Michelin-starred chef Garry Hollihead’s seasonal menu uses only the finest ingredients with My Local Kitchen, which delivers to select postcodes around Southwest and West London. Hand-delivered straight to your door, the dishes are ready to simply heat and serve, so you can experience the joy of eating fresh, exciting food the easy way, in the comfort of your own home.

Created without using preservatives and conservatives, the fresh food is ready to be consumed within 48 hours- if you could wait that long!

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