From Fitness To Careers: How To Make 2023 Your Year

Each year we all set new year resolutions and make a promise to ourselves that this will be the year we’ll stick to them. We get about two weeks in – sometimes longer if we’ve mustered up extra motivation – and work commitments take over, schedules clash and we quickly sink back into our old ways. This year, we’re determined to make this year the one we set ourselves goals and stick to them – and you can too. 

Whether you’re looking to go up the career ladder, get moving more or simply want to make a few everyday lifestyle changes, make 2023 your year and strive for the ‘you’ you’ve always dreamed of. To help you on your way, we’ve put together some new year goals that are guaranteed to set you up for success.

Reflect on the last year

Whether you had a good year or a bad one, January brings a chance to reflect. We all had some successes and ‘wins’, look back at your own and note down your thoughts and feelings. 

Pick out your successes, whether it was reaching a career goal, you kept up one of your resolutions or simply just kept going when things got tough. Make sure you celebrate these victories too, no matter if they were small or big. Moving forward into 2023, are there any of these that you can build on? How can you use these to move forward?

Look back at some of the challenges you faced and note if there were any that you would have dealt with differently or if there are any that you can resolve or figure out in 2023. 

We’ve noted a few questions below to help provide you with some inspiration…

  • Did you achieve any of the goals you set yourself at the beginning of 2022? If no, why not? Were they too unrealistic?
  • Did you get that promotion/change jobs like you planned?
  • Write down 3-5 small personal wins & how you achieved them
  • Write down 3-5 challenges you faced & how you overcame them

Set yourself career goals

We all have career goals that we set ourselves, from five year plans to ‘by the time I’m 30, I plan on making partner’ but the new year is a great time to reiterate them and look at how you can put them into practice. 

We’ve already touched on this briefly but if you haven’t already, look back at your career achievements and challenges from last year and see how you can make this year even more successful. 

Are you thinking of looking for new opportunities? Is this the year you want to go freelance? Are you determined to get that promotion? Is it time to look at a new career path or financial avenues? These are all questions you can ask yourself and think about as the new year begins to take shape. 

The new year is a great time to put goals in place and look at how you can put them into practice.

Make a plan. It sounds obvious but it’s important to plan and figure out your next steps. If you’re looking for new opportunities, are you signed up to all of the relevant job sites? If you’re looking to go freelance or set up your own business, have you done your research? Is it financially viable? 

With the cost of living rising, there’s no denying that last year was challenging for many financially. If you feel lost or stuck for what you want to do next, it’s okay. You aren’t alone and you will get through this. Seeking advice from career experts is a great next step too. They can help guide you through the next steps of your career, whether you want to change paths or you just need a little push to get back on your feet. 

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Get moving

Every year we tell ourselves we’ll make this the year that we’ll work towards our fitness goals but if it never quite works out… If like us, you sack it off after a few weeks of steady progress, make this year your year to achieve your dreams. 

Remember reaching your goals isn’t as simple as you would like to think. It takes time, stamina and patience before you begin to see results but it’ll be worth it in the long run. 

The most important part of it all is just to get moving. Even just walking for 20 minutes each day will help you to get out and moving. Keep it simple, start off slow and work your way up as you build stamina. And remember to have fun! There are so many great ways to exercise these days, from exercise classes with a difference to exercises so easy you can do them watching TV.

If you’re looking to get into running but don’t know where to start, Couch to 5K is an excellent week by week programme that’ll see you striving to succeed in a matter of weeks. Simply download the app or the episodes and see results in just nine weeks. For the more experienced runners, try our guide to London’s best running spots, from the East London canal loop to Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill.

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Keep things simple

If the new year overwhelms you or if you find sudden change difficult, keep things as simple as you need. We often look at the new year as a time for change and put excess pressure on ourselves, but there’s no need. If you’re setting yourself goals, keep them easy to follow and manageable. Putting too much pressure on yourself will only lead you to feel more overwhelmed.

Get organised

Make 2023 the year you get your sh*t together. The new year signals a time for change. Refresh the way you keep on top of things and organise areas of your life. From scheduling meetings in a Google calendar to keeping a diary, bullet journaling to keep on track of your finances or simply keeping on top of your imploding inbox, there are simple and easy ways you can help yourself feel more organised. 

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Don’t be afraid to put yourself first

It’s easy to push your own goals aside for the sake of others. Make 2023 the year you put yourself first, whether that’s setting yourself ‘me’ time or making time for the things that you enjoy and make you happy.

Step out of your comfort zone. Push yourself to be a better version of yourself. Reconnect with loved friends or old friends, go out into nature or travel to new places. It’s time to make this year one to remember.

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