You’ll probably agree that part of the satisfaction of having a gel manicure – just one of a host of treatments you can get on your lunch hour – is getting to pick off the polish when it begins to look a little less fresh.

It’s no surprise that this ruins your nails, and in fact contrary to belief, it’s bad polish removal that causes the damage to your nailbeds, not the long-lasting polish itself. Every time you pick off some gel polish, you’re peeling off layers of your nail plate too, which in turn will make your nails become thinner, weaker, and more brittle. Once this damage is done it can take months for your nails to recover. And if that isn’t reason enough for you to stop peeling, it also impacts how good your next gel mani is going to look. As tempting as it is pick away, and believe us, we are guilty of it too, save your nails with leading luxury nail artist Julia Diogo #PaintedByJools step-by-step guide for easy removal that will leave no shocking aftermath. And if you are planning on giving yourself a fresh set after the removal, these are the most stylish nail art designs you can do at home.

Step 1: Using a medium grit buffer, buff top layer of gel polish to remove shine.
Step 2: Drop a small amount of cuticle oil on nails once buffed, before applying a small piece of cotton wool soaked in acetone.
Step 3: Wrap each nail individually with a piece of foil leaving to soak for 10 minutes.
Step 4: Remove finger wraps individually and add a tiny amount of Bio Sculpture’s Vitamin Dose to loosen gel.
Step 5: Use an orange wood stick to help lift any remaining gel/product if stuck to the gel.
Step 6: Buff with a smoothing nail buffer and apply cuticle oil to rehydrate.

To extend the staying power of your manicure keeping your nails and hands hydrated is vital. The more you keep the cuticles hydrated and better your manicure will look and the longer it will last.
Keeping your nails at a manageable length for your lifestyle if also another great tip. A short soft-edged square nail is known to last a lot longer.

Your Gel Mani Removal Essentials

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